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Phoenix, AZ, April 26, 2007 --( A new blog has been started to disseminate news about how to make money with Internet domain names: This will provide a place for people to learn about how to register, monetize & sell domain names. Use this blog to get a bird’s of the inside of the domain name industry, read domain name news and much more...

The Blogmaster states, “There is a huge disconnect between the demand and availability of value-added monetization services. Remember that a domain name that is not generating any traffic is worth nothing at all. In fact, it has a negative value since you'll be required to pay a renewal fee every year to maintain the domain’s registration.” The Blogmaster continues, “Blogging is the quickest way to generate traffic and ranking to a domain. What this says to me is “’business opportunity’“. For those with the blogging know-how huge profits can potentially be made. What makes it even better, especially for start-up or new entrepreneurs, is the price; we are talking about a lot less funds then it would take to invest in “real world” business ventures. Domains can be bought for a “'song and a dance'” and then monetized via blogging to then go for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

This “Blogging for Dollars” technique is utilizing something known as “Moguling”, pioneered by Phoenix, technology firm DotVentures. According to DotVentures' SEO Director- Bill Scott; "Moguling centers around taking a domain (such as: and running a blog from it to generate traffic and ranking. Because Google seems to prefer blogs, the domain is quickly and favorably ranked. In a relatively short time the domain name spikes in value. This can then be quickly “’flipped’” or have a new site built keeping the blog as an element."

Moguling is currently a hot topic on SEO blogs and journals. To read more about Moguling see this article on Profy: and this article on WebHostDirectory:

For those interested in this new business opportunity, is the place to read about it. Mr. Scott continues; "The news posted on the blog “spills the beans” affording the right person an opportunity to capitalize on this Second Internet Gold Rush utilizing a process for success. Currently, domain names are being traded on a rapidly growing Secondary Market. I even see a Domain Name Exchange someday emerging, similar to the Stock & Bond Markets, where these domains will be traded like the investments that they are." is a blog dedicated to posting the latest news & information about domain name investing. It utilizes many of the techniques written about in its posts.

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They help individuals successfully to successfully develop online real estate for resale. Interested in learning more about Moguling? Go here: or call DotVentures at: 888-291-2976.

Kiloh Smith