Albedo to Release Forgotten Lands Video Game Soundtrack

The Artist Albedo will be releasing their latest album “Forgotten Lands,” the full orchestral soundtrack to the video game “Forgotten Lands VIII: The Legend of Shadow Lake” by TBC Productions.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 18, 2011 --( The Classical/New Age Artist Albedo will be releasing their latest album titled “Forgotten Lands” on CD by this Thanksgiving. It features music from the brand new video game “Forgotten Lands VIII: The Legend of Shadow Lake” by TBC Productions. The video game itself was created in the old 2-D 8-bit style of the mid 1980's and is a Medieval Fantasy Role Playing Game. It's designed for Windows PCs and can currently be downloaded from their website at the link below.

The music for the video game is a full orchestral epic soundtrack similar to The Lord of the Rings movies or the Zelda and Final Fantasy video games. The music comes in a variety of styles ranging from ragtime to fiddle music to big classical orchestrations. Doug Clyde, composer of Forgotten Lands stated, “I've always wanted to write music for a video game and I finally got the chance!”

Albedo can not only be heard on CD, but in live performances as well. Several songs from their last album “Digital Fingers,” a collection of orchestral works by Utah composers, have been performed by several Bands and Symphonies around the country. The song “The Battle of Shiloh” by Kelly Richardson from the album was performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City just last April. “Classical & Scores Suite” by Doug Clyde, “Gaelic Warrior” by Kelly Richardson and “Creaturehouse” by Steven Grames & Eric Kartchner also from the album were all performed by the Davis County Symphony back in March at the same concert.

Pre-Orders of the “Forgotten Lands” CD are available with free shipping and will ship by November 26th, but according to their website the low price will only last until the end of the month. MP3 downloads of the album are already available on sites like iTunes and Amazon, along with the songs from “Digital Fingers.” More information about both albums can be found at the link below.

Albedo “Forgotten Lands”

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