Mechdyne Partners with Dassault Systemes at Design LA Event

This week, Mechdyne Corporation partnered with Dassault Systemes to demonstrate new technologies available to design industry professionals at “Design Los Angeles.”

Marshalltown, IA, November 18, 2011 --( Design Los Angeles is an annual automobile designer’s conference held previous (November 17th) to the LA Auto Show, which takes place November 18-27th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Design Los Angeles provides an innovative venue for designers and design industry professionals to meet and discuss common interests and issues.

Much of the conference activity focused on a renowned design competition called Design Challenge. Automotive design studios from around the world were invited to participate in the Challenge and this year, studios from Germany, Japan and the U.S. competed to design “Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car.” Entries were judged on various factors including: how the vehicle reflects its brand attributes relative to the movie plot; how the vehicle relates to the targeted audience or brand; the level of imagination; the character development of the vehicle; and the uniqueness of the combination of story, car and character. The winner received the Design Challenge Award on Thursday, November 17th.

During Design Los Angeles, Mechdyne and Dassault Systemes partnered to demonstrate DS’ CATIA Live Rendering, a solution that provides an intuitive and interactive means for creating images that rival photographs. Conference goers viewed the amazing quality of the models rendered in CATIA on a 103” Panasonic HD plasma display provided by Mechdyne. “Partnering with Dassault Systemes for Design LA is a natural because both our organizations offer a host of technologies that can assist automakers throughout the design and manufacturing process,” said, James Gruening, Senior Vice President of Mechdyne.

Being able to view very photorealistic models of their designs is fast becoming a necessity for designers and engineers in order to make more accurate and faster decisions throughout the design and manufacturing process. Programs like CATIA Live Rendering and interactive display technologies from Mechdyne provide an intuitive and interactive means to clearly communicate a designer’s vision and progress. At any stage of a design, engineers can see how the product will look in real life, providing an essential tool for design decision making and project management.

These kinds of innovative, immersive design tools are equally beneficial to quality and light engineers who can use these immersive solutions to choose and place physically accurate lights on their models. Not only does this help evaluate perceived design quality, but it also has the potential to catch design flaws without engaging in the cost of creating physical prototypes. Realistic modeling hardware and software can also be used for ergonomic testing, as well as product marketing and packaging.

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