European News Daily Interview - Is Voodoo Real? A Second Look at Mr. Dongo Remi of

On November 4, European News Daily interviewed Mr. Dongo Remi, psychic and African healer in Brussels, Belgium. Many readers called and wrote to ask more about Mr. Remi, the practice of Voodoo and what exactly he does. European News Daily booked a second interview to get those answers.

Brussels, Belgium, November 18, 2011 --( In a previous interview, European News Daily spoke with Mr. Dongo Remi, a traditional African healer, about the practice of human trafficking and its relation to traditional African religious practices. Mr. Remi explained that although animal sacrifice does take place the idea of human sacrifice is largely myth and superstition.

The interview led to many letters, emails and phone calls asking just what Mr. Remi does. Readers were interested to know about practices in traditional African magic and, particularly, what Mr. Remi does in his shop, African Magick, and related website

European News Daily contacted Mr. Remi and was able to ask him about the most common questions asked by readers. Here is a partial excerpt from the European News Daily interview.

European News Daily: “What exactly happens in your shop, Mr. Remi?”

Remi: “People come to me with many problems. They come with problems of love. They want their spouse to stop cheating on them. Or they want their girlfriend to come back. Many people have problems with debt and they look for solutions. Other people want me to tell them their future.”

European News Daily: “So then you are a psychic?”

Remi: “Yes and no. I do psychic readings. But they are not my feelings. What I do are ceremonies to consult with my ancestors. With the Orishas.”

European News Daily: “When people ask you to help them with, as you said, a problem of love, what do you do?”

Remi: “If a man or a woman has a problem with love then I will do a ceremony for them. I will use the power of the Orishas, the spirits, to fix their problem.”

European News Daily: “Is this like casting a spell?”

Remi: “Yes, exactly. It is a type of spell.”

European News Daily: “So then you cast love spells for people?”

Remi: “Yes, love spells. I cast spells for many things. To help people with debt. There are spells that can make an enemy leave you alone. People ask me for spells to help them win in football. I have many football teams that ask me for spells.”

European News Daily: “You have footballers that use your spells? Which teams?”

Remi: “All of them. It is mostly the coaches. Coaches from football teams come to me. I have professional coaches and even coaches for small teams.”

Mr. Remi paused for a moment before offering; “I have famous people who come and visit me as well. Before elections I had a member of the Portuguese parliament fly here and see me.”

European News Daily: “You can't tell us his name though, can you?”

Remi: “No, of course not. I will never tell a name. But this is not uncommon. Many powerful people use magic but they must keep it a secret.”

The idea of spell casting may sound like something out of Harry Potter. But there is another world – a world of religious faith – where spells are as real as prayer. While many seek the Divine by taking the Eucharist others take a stroll down the Boulevard de Jubile in Brussels for the latest votive candle, spiritual oil or ritual blessing. This is the world of Mr. Dongo Remi.

The full interview can be read in the weekly European News Daily publication.

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