Representative William Snyder Plans to Further Legislation Regarding Military Funerals and Services

Working to put an end military funeral Protests, Representative William Snyder (FL 82) says it is his mission to make sure that those who put it all on the line for our country receive the utmost respect for their sacrifice.

Stuart, FL, November 19, 2011 --( Representative William D. Snyder (R-Stuart), who earlier had publicly voiced his support for a bill protecting the families of slain military personnel from intrusive picketing during funeral services, is pleased to announce that the bill passed its first committee earlier today.

Representative Snyder will work closely with the bill sponsor, Representative Pat Rooney, as this legislation, House Bill 31/Funerals, Burials, and Memorial Services, will be heard next in the Judiciary Committee, which Representative Snyder chairs.

Representative Snyder says he is committed to get this legislation done in order to protect the rights of military families to bury their loved ones in peace and with the dignity they so deserve. "These brave soldiers deserve to be honored in the presence of their families and friends without fear and the hurtful disruption of protest," said Representative Snyder. "These brave men and women gave it all to protect us and now we must take the appropriate measures to protect their honor."

Local authorities anticipated protests from the Westboro Baptist Church members during past ceremonies for slain Treasure Coast military personnel.

Representative William D. Snyder, FL 82
Christine C. Weiss