Audio Streaming Software Product Reviews Released

Audio streaming provides the cutting edge for website owners to increase sales, boost profits and gain an edge over the competition. Professional software is a much more reliable avenue to take over free options, as one will generally be provided with ongoing support and updates which in turn are crucial to the success of one’s web based business.

Sydney, Australia, April 27, 2007 --( Pkorbs today released its audio streaming product reviews section website. Some of the best audio streaming software available on the internet are reviewed and have been tested. Reasons for pursuing professional audio streaming software are that the user will generally be provided with ongoing updates and customer support- a vital ingredient if one is reliant on their website to deliver profit.

According to one source, 14% of Americans are functionally illiterate and one cannot rely solely on text based advertising to convert such potential sales. If reaching as many buyers as possible sounds appealing, then one must not overlook the potential audio streaming can create on one’s website.

Humans on average retain 15% of content they read. It has been shown that incorporating audio increases the retention rate up to 60%. This rate increases to 80% when in the audiovisual form. Audio streaming will result in greater content retention which will through appropriate methods translate to profit.

It has been shown that audio testimonials increase the trust factor in one’s product with one’s customer base. Streaming an audio testimonial on one’s website will personalise one’s product and will only serve to justify impulse buys with one’s customers.

The newly launched product reviews section provides website owners with descriptions of some of the best professional audio streaming software currently available. Professional software is a more desirable path to take over free options as one will be provided with ongoing support and updates, which are an integral part of any web based business.

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