“Don’t Try This At Home” Warning Scoffed by Comedy Duo in New Series on FirstRun.tv Network

“DON’T DO IT YOURSELF” series reveals how home improvement projects can be full of surprises and turn into funny fiascos.

Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2011 --(PR.com)-- FirstRun.tv (www.FirstRun.tv) - the television network which is instrumental in bringing new shows and series to the web, smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, has announced the launch of a new humorous series, “DON’T DO IT YOURSELF,” starring comedy team, Bob Ozasky and Robert James (a.k.a., Bob and Rob). Billing itself as the first “honest” home improvement show, each episode demonstrates several projects that may be easier said than done.

“DON’T DO IT YOURSELF” covers familiar topics such as plumbing, electrical, painting, plastering, and carpentry. Efforts typically start out simple enough, but then quickly turn into comical calamities as Bob and Rob encounter goofy “gotchas” and preposterous pitfalls other home improvement shows seem to keep hidden. But the types of projects attempted can quickly turn from conventional to quirky. For example, the topic of a recent episode was, “Do It Yourself Satellite TV.” You would probably never expect this to include building your own satellite out of old parts from a junkyard, and then launching the satellite on a home-built rocket. The final lesson learned the hard way: remember to launch your rocket outdoors.

“We see a home improvement project on TV then convince ourselves that we can do it, too… easy!” said co-host Rob James. “But when we go buy the materials and get back home to start the project, in real life it can turn into a scene from the Three Stooges. So we thought, let’s do a show that points out the hazards of home improvement projects in a tongue-in-cheek way, while bringing back good old fashioned slap-stick comedy in the vein of classic comedians like Red Skelton, Abbot and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy,” he added.

Co-host Bob Ozasky commented, “We started the show because our wives wanted us to go out and earn some real money, and mistakenly thought this was the way to do it! Also the fact that the world needs to laugh more than ever, and I’d like to think we can help provide the gift of laughter to our viewers. Whether they laugh with us or at us, it’s still a beautiful way for a family to spend time together.”

“DON’T DO IT YOURSELF” airs weekly on FirstRun.tv, Channel 8, which covers a variety of “How-To” topics.

About Bob Ozasky
Bob Ozasky (Bob) was raised in Minneapolis where he earned a degree in Communications at the University of Minnesota. His professional career got a quick kick-start at Disneyland, in Anaheim, California, where he was as an Attractions Host. Subsequently, he appeared in numerous commercials, acted as principal, stand-in and featured extra in features and independent films including “Fargo”, “North Country”, “Horror House”, “Trauma”, and “The Mighty Ducks”. In addition to acting, Bob has written several screenplays. Currently, Bob is one of the owners of Taffytown Productions, Inc., which produces “DON’T DO IT YOURSELF”, and other series.

About Rob James
Rob James (Rob), also from Minneapolis, spent many years performing in local theater, and later moved to New York where he performed in Broadway and off-Broadway productions. After landing small roles in several feature films, Rob studied television and film production and moved to a role behind the camera, literally, as he worked as a cameraman for a local late night talk show. He then assumed the position of Director/Producer of the talk show, and continued in that capacity for six more years. His next move was to Los Angeles where he acted in a variety of television shows and pilots, and also worked as Director of Development for a television production company. After twelve years on the west coast, Rob returned to Minneapolis where he remains active in theater production in the Twin Cities.

About FirstRun.tv
FirstRun.tv (www.FirstRun.tv) was launched in 2011 by Gary Kleinman who worked for the Walt Disney Studios for 23 years, most recently as Vice President, New Media Technology. With its sister-site, www.tvPRODigies.com Gary sought to develop an online environment where independent producers, writers, talent and crew can connect, collaborate, and create original content. FirstRun.tv and tvPRODigies.com advocate the use of today's affordable HD video cameras, low-cost desktop computer editing software, and alternative production methods to empower writers and creative talent to bring their scripts, stories, and ideas to life. FirstRun.tv is owned and operated by Innovation Organization, LLC, a company Kleinman founded in 2010 to develop entertainment and software for new media platforms.

Gary Kleinman