duCret School of Art’s 85th Year Celebration Year Starts Off with a Bang

Kicking off Fall Semester, duCret School of Art has been briming with exciting media opportunities that will extend well into Spring. Honorary awards, Art shows, TV shows & Film events are just part of the duCret school-year mix.

Plainfield, NJ, November 20, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Sports men & women from Golf World had the opportunity to mix and mingle with Fine Artists at duCret’s 85th year celebration, which was held recently on the Suburban Golf Club grounds. Amidst the fine acoustic music of "Off the Grid" guitar group, guests enjoyed an ambient evening of music and art. Suburban Golf, a private club located in Union, NJ has approximately 400 members. duCret is NJ’s oldest private art institution and is a non-profit school and community haven for artists. In tandem with Swain Galleries and whom duCret honored that evening, both institutions have held a beacon of light over Plainfield NJ, allowing serious artists of the local area to find encouragement, instruction and inspiration without having to commute to NY or Philly to advance their careers.

Topping off the evening celebrations, duCret brought forth some of its rich history to public view as some exquisite pieces of notable art were auctioned off, including 2 limited edition prints by Jacob Landau. Among other auction items sold were gold and silver jewelry, Takumi ceramics, landscape and wildlife paintings and signed glicee's by world recognized duCret alumni. Ann Swain of Swain Galleries, Plainfield, NJ was honored for her continued support of duCret and their dedication to the arts. A visit to Swain’s is a testament to their long term support of artists, for they have three floors filled to the hilt with paintings of all kinds. A trip through Swain Galleries is a bird’s eye view into art history itself.

While duCret has remained quietly active in the past decade, ironically the school has found itself unexpectedly in the spotlight several times in the past year. This past summer, Parthenon Entertainment, a UK /Canadian based co., filmed a documentary on a duCret model posing at Open Studio. Several duCret sculpting students are regularly featured on TLC’s "Cake Boss," as cake decorators. Another duCret staffer was recently assigned as personal photographer to the American Humane Association’s new spokesdog Rin Tin Tin at the 911 Service Dog Awards on Sept 7th in NYC. The German Shepard rang the closing bell at the NY Stock exchange and appeared at the National Arts Club along with the NYC Singing Policeman, Daniel Rodriquez, Whoopi Goldberg, Victoria Stillwell of Animal Planet TV show, "It’s Me or the Dog," and Orlando Brown of Disney’s, "The Jamie Foxx Show." The photographer then traveled to Hollywood, CA. to photograph Hallmark’s first ever televised, "Hero Dog Awards" featuring Betty White, Carson Kressley, Peter Fonda, Paula Abdul, Mickey Rooney, Candy Spelling and other Hollywood stars. Hallmark Channel aired the "Hero Dog Awards" TV special on Friday, November 11, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C.

At duCret, no one knows at any given time, what exciting surprises will pop up suddenly at the school. In fact, many first year students get a big kick out of learning that one of their duCret instructors was actually taught by Norman Rockwell. Most importantly, artists are finding that not only support, instruction and inspiration does indeed exist in Central Jersey, but that jobs in the art field are abundant as well.

As economic conditions have shrunken art programs in most public schools throughout the state, ironically opportunities for artists have been steadily streaming into the school. Parents of high school students, the general public and downsized art teachers are now finding duCret to be a refreshingly rich resource that remains abundantly supportive of artistic dreams…no matter what age one is. The school is nationally accredited and state approved and offers full time career program for graduating high school students and part time classes for adults and seasonal workshops for children ages 6 – 15.

Aside from being a school for career artists, duCret also rents art lofts to local artists on its third and fourth floors, thus providing additional resources for the students who attend; who can query the professionals on premises. Another community resource for local residents are four year-round Open Studios in drawing, painting and ceramics, where the general public or high school juniors and seniors can come in to work on the floor with faculty, duCret students and other visiting professional artists.

DuCret is currently accepting part time and full time applicants for Spring Semester, which begins on January 16th and will also be hosting its annual Miniature Show and Open House on Sunday, December 4. The general public is invited to come in and tour between 2 – 4pm. Admissions reps will be available for high school seniors seeking career advice & direction in the arts. Those interested in applying for Spring Semester can go online and download application information or call the school at 908-757-7171 and schedule a private tour.

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Frank Falotico