New Release: Michael Jackson’s Earth Song – a Heavenly, Contemporary-Retro Version from "Revibe"

London, United Kingdom, November 27, 2011 --( The King of Pop’s "Earth Song" was released on 27 November 1995 and became a No 1 hit throughout Europe. His message is even more relevant today: "The planet is sick, like a fever. And if we don’t fix it now, it’s at the point of no return. We’re all One, …we need to put love back into the world and take care of the planet,” said Michael.

Nemo Shaw’s "Earth Song" is a fresh, original and exciting inspiration with a certain gravitas. The sombre delivery both contrasts and compliments the heavenly choir, resulting in an elevating and sublime creation:

Harold Wood of "Planet Patriot" says, "I think better than the original is a version by Nemo Shaw available on YouTube which uplifts & transports the listener to higher realms. Beautiful sounding and with a nice video accompaniment, the song features entrancing angelic voices."

Captivating, striking, mesmerizing, powerful, poignant – may be some of the words used to describe this "Anthem to the Earth," this clarion call. However, in truth, it is a not-to-be missed transcendental experience that culminates in a deafening, earthshaking silence, according to Ann Lewiss of Revibe.

Nemo Shaw is a 33 yr old Scots-born singer-songwriter who plays acoustic guitar, occasional piano and harmonica. After playing the gig circuit in UK's East Midlands, he has more recently been nurturing his vision and developing his music in the recording studio. Earth Song is the latest creation.

His music is described as Contemporary-Retro, a genre which refocuses on the timeless musical art form of instrument and voice. It deconstructs and reconstructs music in innovative ways. This type of music promotes the fullest depths of feeling, imagination and reflection.

Nemo’s song "Ireland" is listed on iTunes and was played on BBC Radio. More music at:
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