Expert States: Use Your Car to Control Gophers

Engine Exhaust Found To Be 90% Effective In Gopher Control; The Crittergetter Delivers

Angwin, CA, April 27, 2007 --( Burrowing critters are frustrating. Moles, gophers, voles, shrews, woodchucks, chipmunks, prairie dogs, squirrels, among others; all exhibit damaging behavior when combined with planned landscaping. What seems to make the damage done by these animals worse is the intelligence displayed by them when attempting to stop them: They learn to avoid and overcome traps, they hide and barricade themselves away from danger, they adapt to noise, and they learn to shun baits and poisons. Often adding even more frustration is the common error of misidentification of the perpetrating animal, which typically causes the use of inappropriate products, and in turn, ineffective treatment. Considering all of these contributing factors, it's a wonder anyone is ever able to get a leg up on these animals. The Crittergetter is a new product that just might help to alleviate many of these problems. Peter Klimen, the Crittergetter creator states: "Use of the Crittergetter removes much of the contradiction and confusion created due to the differing types of treatments required between gopher control and control for many of these other types of critters." He goes on to say: "By delivering fast moving, burrow-end reaching, 'non-pest specific' carbon monoxide gas, the Crittergetter, unlike many other products, will be effective regardless of what type of burrowing pest it comes up against - mole control, vole control, prairie dog control, etc - no problem."

Regarding the use of engine exhaust as a pest deterrent, Klimen says: "Many folks have been successfully using this abatement technique for decades using a far from perfected, inefficient mish-mash of incompatible parts, bailing wire, and chewing gum." He also states: "We created the Crittergetter with the intention of streamlining this previously problematic method … We provide a product that furnishes the appropriately sized and constructed tool to efficiently and effectively control gophers, moles, voles, woodchucks, prairie dogs, chipmunks, squirrels, shrews, or any other type of burrowing pest with confidence."

Klimen also states regarding "Marketing for our 'better mousetrap' is not the only goal of our website... at we provide resources and information specific to many types of burrowing animals including damage prevention measures and tips for animal identification. In addition, for homeowners in cities and tight-knit suburbs lacking the access requirements to use the Crittergetter, we have provided links to alternative product manufacturers, alternative product retailers, and other informational websites that will help them to do away with their pest problem."

The Crittergetter & - helping people eliminate their burrowing pest problems with the help of the Crittergetter or providing them with the knowledge and resources to eliminate them on their own.

Peter Klimen