Summit to Sea is Now Offering Their Hyperbaric Dives Large, Affordable Grand Dive to Customers Worldwide

St Paul, MN, November 23, 2011 --( Summit to Sea, the maker of the Hyperbaric Dives chambers, have provided a new and innovative product to the hyperbaric therapy market place. The company’s Grand Dive solution mounted vertically is considered one of the largest and most comfortable to use mild hyperbaric chambers now on the market.

The product’s superb average 40 inch width means that home users can comfortably fit 1- 2 people inside the chamber, making it ideal for families. In addition, those who wish to perform exercises within the chamber will now be able to do so in extreme comfort, as this roomy solution leaves plenty of room for a variety of high-impact exercise routines. Many of their users have placed a comfortable chair inside allowing the occupant to sit inside the chamber instead of lying down. The product’s frame is designed using lightweight and highly durable PVC to provide the product with the ability to add portability as well as long-lasting quality.

Sometimes those receiving treatment within a hyperbaric chamber can experience bouts of claustrophobia due to the lack of space and brightness. The Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Dives’ solutions are built to help prevent that feeling. Each solution within their catalogue is constructed using a highly translucent material, which provides the area inside with a bright ambiance that promotes comfort and well-being during the course of treatment.

The company’s hyperbaric chambers have been approved for use by the FDA for the treatment of acute altitude sickness. And this is just one of the reasons that the company’s catalogue of products has received so much market acclaim in recent times. By adding their Grand Dive vertically mounted solution, Summit to Sea’s Hyperbaric Dives are now offering clients around the world a large and versatile high-value option for their hyperbaric therapy needs.

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Dives
Bruce Mckeeman