Fashion Whistle Unveils the First Web Site That Matches Consumers Fashion Selections, with Local Boutiques Sales and Promotions, Through the US

Fashion Whistle matches members preselected fashion and lifestyle preferences, with local boutiques and stores, sales and promotions. Members are alerted through e-mail or text only on the selections they requested.

Boca Raton, FL, November 22, 2011 --( Today, Fashion Whistle unveiled the first-ever web site, that assists local fashion conscious retail businesses, throughout the US, with the ability to target market their products and services, to specific interested women. Using proprietary web-based technology, Fashion Whistle is able to direct market a company’s promotions, to specific female consumers, saving boutiques time and money, while significantly reducing information overload to consumers.

Consumers identify their preferences on a simple selection page and store their information, awaiting a match of a promotion, from a local boutique, receiving this service, free of charge. Retail businesses pay a nominal marketing fee of $99. per month, with the first month free, to promote their business up to four times in a month. Boutiques save significant advertising dollars, while target marketing to interested consumers, while improving their local communities economies.

Once a match has been determined, between the consumer's preferences and the boutiques promotions, the consumer receives notification, via email, text or smart phone alert, with information of where and when the promotion is being offered.

"Fashion Whistle additionally promotes and matches women-oriented restaurants, spas and other venues, with its consumers database. It is critical that we support our local communities businesses," said Gayle Barr, President.
Boutiques can additionally promote their businesses by adding banner ads, video and social media, thereby enhancing their presence in their local community.

Fashion Whistle couples its’ proprietary matching technology with a variety of social media, e-mail promotions and charity strategies, to engage consumers with their local businesses. Fashion Whistle custom fits the objectives of the retail store with the needs of the consumer.

A portion of the proceeds from a boutique's marketing fee will be donated to a national charity.

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Fashion Whistle is a subsidiary of MarkeTech Interactive, an innovative internet marketing company.

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