Stephen W. Carnes Announces Low Monthly Fee for Smartphone Security VoIP Services

Longwood, FL, November 23, 2011 --( Stephen W Carnes has announced that the voice encryption technology, Kryptos INC is being sold for a low, $10 monthly fee. This Voice over the Internet Protocol service enables its users with the ability to share private conversations without the risk of their phone call being intruded on by hackers, who have advanced technology to intercept phone calls.

Kryptos Communications INC. develops and distributes an encrypted voice communication program for Smartphones, which protects sensitive information and prevents phone calls from being listened in on. The technology that goes into this program includes Military Grade 256 bit AES and a 2048 bit key exchange. Kryptos technology works on a peer-to-peer operating system. When both clients have Kryptos installed on their iPhones, they can be protected from hacking.

Voice and other Smartphone hacking is becoming a more serious issue and results in theft, corporate infiltration and even kidnapping or stalking. Hackers are easily becoming equipped with the instruments required to obtain information such as GPS locations, verbal confirmation of workplaces and home addresses. This is a serious threat for anyone from businesses to the average individual.

Stephen W Carnes and Kryptos Communications Inc. offers Kryptos as a peer to peer tool that keeps conversations private and helps to keep confidential information secure. For more information on Kryptos visit,

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