On November 15, 2011, Maria Amor's Much Anticipated Project The Search for the Perfect Creature Came Into Fruition, as Her Search Ended, Culminating with a Coronation

On November 15, 2011, Maria Amor's much anticipated project The Search for The Perfect Creature came into fruition, as she crowned Ms. & Mr. Perfect Creature---Saffron Rayn and Rasheed Rashad Smith---at The Universal Hilton Hotel, in Studio City, California, respectively.

Studio City, CA, November 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Maria Amor, founder of the non-profit entertainment fundraising humanitarian corporation in conjunction with Knbstv and Cold Heat News Magazine, presented the 2011 Coronation of the Mr. & Ms. Perfect Creature at the Universal Hilton Hotel at Mandarin A 555, Universal Hollywood Drive, Studio City, 91608, November 15, 2011. This event culminated with Saffron Rayn and Rasheed Rashad Smith, being crowned as Ms. & Mr. Perfect Creature, respectively.The first runner up for Ms. Perfect Creature was Jade Rawlins. And The second runner up for Ms. Perfect Creature, was Elinor Cohen. This was a private event for the press and a selective list of celebrities.

The Perfect Creature is a term, coined by Amor, the former Ms. Asia, which is the embodiment of not only a virtuous individual that possesses a sound, intelligent mind, but also an individual that is quite attractive. This project has spanned half a year, and has also included both a summer time Hawaiian Lua modeling affair, but also a Halloween red carpet, and swim suit talent contest event, on October 28, 2011, in downtown Los Angeles.

Through out this project, Maurice Dwayne Smith, of both knbstv and Cold Heat News Magazine, has showcased Amor's talented clients both globally on his tv show, but also since Amor's creation of Cold Heat News, an internet newspaper magazine, has written articles highlighting, markerting, and introducing her perfect creatures, to the world via the written vehicle, as well. Smith, via both knbstv and Cold HEAT News, will continue these duties and efforts, as Amor has more projects that will, involve fundraising, entertainment, and humanitarian blockbuster events in the near future.Maurice Dwayne Smith, via Knbstv and Cold Heat News is very committed to assisting Maria Amor and her future humanitarian entertainment endeavors.

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