Clinical Trials GPS Launches Nationwide Patient Recruitment Site

Clinical Trials GPS was created to provide individuals with the most comprehensive, up to date information about ongoing clinical drug trials, as well as a quick and easy way to participate.

Kansas City, MO, November 29, 2011 --( Contains Over 25,000 Trials and 15,000 Facilities Across the U.S.

Clinical Trials GPS ( was created to provide individuals with the most comprehensive, up to date information about ongoing clinical drug trials, as well as a quick and easy way to participate.

Visitors to the site can search for the latest clinical trials in their area, browse through the directory of clinical trial facilities, read educational articles to learn more about the various conditions treated by clinical trials, or speak with a clinical trials expert at (877) 330-2919.

The site has a comprehensive listing of all open trials in the United States and is categorized to help visitors find them quick. Clinical Trials GPS has information on trials from all the leading pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and trials ranging from Cancer to Diabetes and Vaccines to Osteoarthritis.

“The company’s mission is ultimately to assist people in finding solutions to their health problems,” says John Longan, DIrector of Business Development at Clinical Trials GPS.

“Clinical trials are a critical part of the drug development process and all drug treatments must go through an FDA monitored, rigorous process. Every drug in the United States has been through this process and all new drug innovations must obtain FDA approval. Clinical Trials GPS was developed to guide people through the process of learning about clinical trials, help people find a trial that may be of interest, and connect them with the closest research site.”

The new site contains some important features like a powerful search engine, interactive maps, and a personalized dashboard. This amazing technology is also backed by an industry leading call center, equipped to help guide patients through the process of finding the right trials and the right facility for their needs.

Visitors to the site can find a trial in one of 3 ways:
· Select the condition(s) that are relevant to the user
· Enter their zip code to find local trials, or
· Call directly into the call center to speak with a Clinical Trials Expert

Once a visitor completes a short form they are forwarded to a personalized dashboard, which suggests related trials, facilities and informational articles related to their condition.

Analysis of U.S. Clinical Trials; Top Locations and Conditions (INFOGRAPH)

Recently, the CTGPS team created a graphical representation of the data found on the Clinical Trials GPS website (which is derived from publically available data found at It includes an analysis of the:

· States with the most Clinical Trial Facilities
· Cities with most Clinical Trial Facilities
· Cities conducting the most Trials
· Top Trials by Condition

One of the most interesting discoveries was that 6 of the top 10 conditions that trials are being conducted for are cancer related.

Clinical Research Sites
One of the biggest struggles that clinical research sites have includes recruiting patients to meet enrollment goals. Working with Clinical Trials GPS is another part of the recruitment strategy. In addition to listing any trials on Clinical Trials GPS, they can work with clinical facilities to highlight trials to their visitors, create site profile pages, and even assist with other online Search Engine Marketing campaigns at an affordable cost. Clinical Trials GPS can connect facilities with qualified prospective participants for any indication trial as part of their overall marketing strategy. With experience in both online and offline marketing, contact GPS today to learn how they can help recruit for clinical trials.

Pharmaceutical and CRO Sponsors
Clinical Trials GPS is another great avenue to promote open or upcoming trials. With a comprehensive listing of trials across the US,they are able to help find subjects for clinical trials at any location. In addition to sending email blasts to interested participants, they can also create personal online campaigns ranging from trial-specific pages to trial-specific micro-sites and even execute Google AdWords campaigns to help ensure traffic from all interested web searchers.

For more information, contact:

John Longan
(877) 248‑5589

Clinical Trials Institute
John Longan
(877) 248‑5589