SpacEyes3D Builder 5.0, the Real Time Fly Through and 3D Model Making Software

List of new functionalities offered in SpacEyes3D Builder 5.0.

Sophia Antipolis, France, November 25, 2011 --( The new release 5.0 of the incontrovertible SpacEyes3D Builder offers you the performance of more realistic 3D models, a deeper analysis of your data and an increased efficiency.

- Represent all your GIS data more efficiency: With the new kernel of GIS data rendering, represent in a flash all your surface data, represent the vegetation and urban data in a more realist way, and integrate easily your 3D GIS data.

- Analyse your territory more finely: Study in details the topology of your territory by computing multi-points intervisibility maps, present all your statistics data in 3D with parametric 3D diagrams, draw instantaneously thematic cartographies on your zonings.

- Benefit from new 3D modeling possibilities: Realist forests, urban areas, clear colored volumes, textured surfaces, the numerous new models of pre-defined markers give an insight of the variety of the new possible applications for the 3D modeling.

- Require the easy of use and the fluidity: With the improvement of the 3D motor, navigating is always more fluent, and import data always more voluminous. Integrate directly numerous new data formats, build your 3D model more easily by accessing to free data.

Aude Camus