International Student Enrollment at The DAVE School at All-Time High

International students studying within the United States contribute nearly $20 Billion to the U.S. economy each year. It’s no surprise then that higher education is one of the United States’ top exports. With its array of prestigious schools, the U.S. is a draw for those seeking the best education possible.

Orlando, FL, November 25, 2011 --( Students in search of the best Animation and Visual Effects training are therefore naturally drawn to The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, where international enrollment is at an all-time high.

Revathy Sureshkumar, an international student from India, was looking for a school that specialized in visual effects. “The fact that The DAVE School had distinct Blocks which concentrated on different skill sets such as modeling, animation and visual effects was very appealing,” says Revathy. “It was hard to find these courses being offered together in a single program – especially one that’s only a year long. Since attending, I have learned the tools and techniques needed to create professional animation. The instructors are excellent, and so are the staff members. They are like a family. Despite being from a different country, I’ve never felt out of place. It was totally worth leaving home and travelling all the way across the globe to come and study at the DAVE school.”

Chukwuma Emma-Ogbangwo, from Nigeria, is also overjoyed to be here. “The DAVE School is amazing. The faculty and students are so nice and the work we are doing is incredible. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time.”

Maria Gonzalez Garcia Jimeno, an international student from Mexico, feels profound gratitude. “Everybody at The DAVE School has been amazing. They continually push us to go beyond our current abilities. It’s so much fun to be here,” she laughs. “During our breaks we can walk around Universal Studios, relax for a few minutes, and then get back to work!”

Mazen Elgamal, an international student from Egypt, is living his dream. “The program is really intense,” said Mazen, “I never imagined that I would be working at this level in my 2nd week. But the staff and faculty are all very helpful and being at Universal Studios is great!”

“We’re fortunate to have such amazing international students,” says The DAVE School Associate Director, Brad Murphy. “They bring a whole new perspective to the program. They introduce us to other cultures and work ethics. We’re honored. You have to be truly committed to travel from across the world to attend school. This is exactly the type of drive and determination we look for in our students.”

Located on the back lot of Universal Studios, Florida, in Sound Stage 25, The DAVE School's 35,000 square foot facility includes three labs, a shooting stage with a 65'x 25' green screen, and a state of the art motion capture system. Offering comprehensive training in 3D modelling and animation, motion graphics creation, and stereoscopic 3D visual effects production, The DAVE School is producing a new breed of 3D and visual effects artists. Recent graduates’ work can be seen in blockbuster movies, including Thor, The Green Lantern and Captain America. Their reputation for producing top talent is why 85% of DAVE School graduates are immediately placed into the 3D/VFX industry for companies including Stereo D, Pixomondo, Digital Domain, and Rhythm & Hues.

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