MO Group International Provides SEO & Website Translation for Praxisdienst

Leading SEO & translation company MO Group International continues its business relationship with Praxisdienst. MO Group International has vastly improved Praxisdienst’s website’s localisation & optimisation.

Brussels, Belgium, November 30, 2011 --( MO Group International is pleased to announce its continued business relationship with Praxisdienst, a German company that supplies medical equipment. Although based in Germany, Praxisdienst provide their medical products to many European countries, and need a website to reflect this. Choosing MO Group International has allowed Praxisdienst to appeal to a wider audience through use of translated, localised sites in several languages, including French, English and Dutch.

“The partnership with MO Group International has definitely been worth it,” states Michael Heine, CEO of Praxisdienst. “Their compelling translations and professional advice have led to the successful optimisation of our web content, which has significantly improved our market situation in Europe.”

Orad Elkayam, VP Business Development at MO Group International explains further, “We are proud of what we have achieved for Praxisdienst regarding their online market strategy, and their client base. By localising their meta data so that it is relevant to each target country, we have identified key terms to boost their appearance in search engines, thus increasing potential business.”

MO Group International and Praxisdienst have been working together for almost two years. In that time Praxisdienst has seen a vast improvement to their website optimisation, with visitors to their site increasing by 40% since 2010.

As search engines become more sophisticated, it is essential to remain aware of new market trends, and MO Group International prides itself on its ability to adapt and improve each time progress is made with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is something that is highly appreciated by their clients.

“At MO Group International,” continues Orad Elkayam, “all site optimisation and translation is designed especially for each client, taking into account their needs and objectives. Praxisdienst wished to expand their client base by targeting countries directly, in their own language, and we have helped them improve site optimisation by localising the content. As market trends change and new challenges emerge, we look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Praxisdienst.”

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MO Group International is a leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm dedicated to multilingual SEO, copywriting and online marketing strategies. Using only native speakers, and offering copywriting and SEO in over 40 languages, MO Group International also offers website translation and localisation. With over ten years of experience in SEO, MO Group International provides high quality multilingual services tailored to each individual client. For more information about international copywriting and SEO, visit

About Praxisdienst
Praxisdienst is one of the main providers of high-quality medical supplies, and has been supplying hospitals and health care institutions with medical products for over 50 years. Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of medical instruments and laboratory equipment, including syringes and defibrillators, as well as surgical clothing and hospital furniture. To find out more about the medical equipment available from Praxisdienst, visit

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