UniLink Expands Supplies Portfolio to Include Custom Cleaning Kits

Pittsford, NY, December 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- UniLink Inc., a provider of financial equipment, service and support to over 1000 institutions across America has promoted preventative maintenance since its founding in 1988. The value-added-reseller not only provides the equipment a bank needs, they promote the protection of the customer’s investment by providing a resource for cleaning supplies and maintenance materials. In doing so, UniLink has discovered that pre-packaged cleaning kits were not adequate for their customers’ needs. As a result, the company has developed their own kits based on exactly what the customer wants.

Kits can include cleaning supplies and common consumables for any type of equipment UniLink sells, check scanner cleaning kits being the most popular. “In regards to the manufacturer’s pre-packaged kits, our customers quickly use up all of one item and barely any of another. Which is why we have developed our own kits for the most popular brands,” says Lew Foster, Supplies and Repair Manager at UniLink. He also mentions customers can request custom kits including any supplies or consumables of their choice.

Jennifer Lis, Business Development Specialist for UniLink states the implementation of custom cleaning kits has been most beneficial to the customer. “We’re a flexible company here at UniLink and we always keep the customer’s best interest in mind, hence why we are able to develop these preventative maintenance kits. Not only do they help the customer get the most out of their equipment, they end up saving money versus buying everything individually,” says Jennifer.

By offering these unique cleaning kits to customers at no extra charge, UniLink expects to increase their supplies business and reinforce loyalty with customers who already utilize the company as a one-stop-shop. If you are interested in more information, contact Lew Foster at 800-666-2980 Ext. 15.

UniLink Inc.
Since its inception in 1988, UniLink has developed an extensive and loyal customer base. This is because they stay true to the one principle that each employee strives for...outstanding customer service. Located in Pittsford, NY, UniLink has served more than 1,000 customers in all 50 states and completed over 50,000 transactions, most of them to financial institutions.

In addition to preventative maintenance solutions, UniLink offers both new and refurbished banking equipment—including but not limited to check scanners, document scanners, electronic signature pads, check encoders, financial printers, and supplies. UniLink is also and authorized repair center for major brands such as Canon, Epson, Burroughs, Panini, Digital Check, and Craden.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Lis, Marketing/Business Development Specialist
Phone: (800) 666-2980 Ext. 22
Email: Jennifer@UniLinkinc.com
Website: www.UniLinkinc.com

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