Insured Auto Warranty Now Offering Best Car Warranty Available Nationwide Through New Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage Service Option

Lake Zurich, IL, December 01, 2011 --( Leading car warranty experts Insured Auto Warranty have recently announced that they have added a new service option to their outstanding catalogue. This new solution will provide those with vehicles that were manufactured after 2000 with extended coverage at a level similar to that provided through a manufacturer’s warranty, offering the best car warranty available market-wide.

With many Americans now struggling financially due to the instability of the country’s economy, proactive organizations are now looking at ways of reducing the financial burden on American families. Car repairs can often be one of the most expensive items that Americans have to consider on a month-to-month basis. If a transmission fails or a car experiences electrical problems, these issues can often cost multiple thousands of dollars to repair, creating financial havoc for those with little to no room for extending their budget.

That’s why companies such as Insured Auto Warranty are so important in today’s economy. They take the burden off families by offering affordable alternatives that not only match the coverage levels provided by other insurers but in most cases extend those levels of coverage. Now, through the addition of their new Bumper-to-Bumper coverage plan to their service catalogue, clients across America can rest assured that their future finances will be secure against any vehicle related expenses through one of the best car warranty solutions on offer across the country. This coverage plan protects every area of the vehicle and, as a bonus, comes replete with roadside assistance. Low cost, high coverage solutions are now available, thanks to the specialists at Insured Auto Warranty.

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