Libbie’s Place Joins with Caregiver Village to Support Family Caregivers

Galveston, TX, December 01, 2011 --( November may bring the end of the President’s designated National Family Caregiver Month, but it doesn’t bring the end of challenges for the millions of family caregivers headed into the busy, stressful holiday season. Fortunately, resources abound both on the web and in local communities that can offer substantial help to families in need of serious holiday stress reduction.

Libbie’s Place is one such program, offering a place for families living in the Galveston, Texas area to get a break during the day. It’s the only licensed senior adult day care program in Galveston County, providing medical and social services for participants Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:45 pm. Libbie’s Place has been providing top quality adult day care for older adults with special needs and a monthly support group for family caregivers in the community. It’s been a lifesaver for both working and retired families since being licensed in 2001. These families depend on Libbie’s Place to be a safe environment where their loved ones can be cared for without worry.

Libbie’s Place is a non-profit ministry of the Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church, serving their participants and their family caregivers with events like their recent Family Feast and Volunteer Recognition luncheon, attended by over 90 individuals. This luncheon recognized the veterans among the group as well as the volunteers who give of their own time to support caregiving families.

Libbie’s Place is just one of the organizations that has teamed up with Caregiver Village, a new web-based program supporting family caregivers in an exciting, innovative way. Caregiver Village is donating $1 to Libbie’s Place for each individual who joins the Caregiver Village online community through their referral link, During Caregiver Village’s current membership drive, families who are involved in Libbie’s Place can receive a double benefit: they can help raise much-needed funds for the adult day program, while joining a web-based community that educates, entertains and informs family caregivers throughout the challenges of caregiving.

Caregiver Village members can play the unique caregiving game, complete with brain-teasing challenges and an engaging cast of characters. They can also join a book club: informal, relaxed discussion groups hosted by authors and experts in caregiving, connecting with others who share similar challenges. Caregiver Village members share their stories through the powerful tool of journaling, and easily find books, products, websites and other resources specially selected to improve their life as a caregiver. Expert-created quick tip sheets and compelling online caregiver training courses are some of the unique benefits of membership in Caregiver Village.

For more information about Libbie’s Place, contact them at 409-741-2538. To learn more about Caregiver Village, visit them on the web at Caregiver Village is offering one year’s free membership during this limited membership campaign.

Libbie’s Place Adult Day Service is a nonprofit organization focused on helping older adults stay in their community through provision of medical and social services and caregiver support.

Caregiver Village is a product of Caregiver Institute, LLC, a company founded by private investors with a determination to positively affect healthcare in this country by nurturing the family caregiver. Caregiver Village,, offers both fun and friendship to family caregivers who often experience health-impacting levels of stress, isolation and exhaustion. Visit Caregiver Village on the web for more information.

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