Get Money, Inc. Announces Release of Yolie's New Book "Pass The Memo"

Men Weigh in and reveal their honest thoughts on relationships, women, and sex.

New York, NY, December 02, 2011 --( Yolie, known for her Diva Dollar$ column in Get Money Magazine™ has recently announced the release of her highly anticipated debut book, “Pass The Memo: What Men Really Want & The Secrets They Don’t Tell You” (ISBN# 978-0-9814643-1-2; Price $16.95).

Every so often a book comes out that has the power to change how we think. “Pass The Memo” does exactly that by exposing the truth on the long debated topic of sex and relationships – especially when it pertains to urban relationships. The book leaves no stone unturned as it tackles complicated issues like the effects of men (and women) growing up without fathers, unemployment, incarceration, baby mama drama, women hating on each other, and the rising rates of infidelity.

“Pass The Memo” is based on 3 years of research and interviews with urban men from all income brackets, professions, and backgrounds - ages 18-43. These men were asked detailed questions about women, sex, love, and relationships - and asked to give their honest thoughts and views on these topics including dishing out secrets they normally don’t want women to know. The results were phenomenal and led to advice like how to “cheat-proof” your relationship, how men think, understanding the way to a man’s heart, what men really want, and how to spark and keep a man’s interest.

Sex and relationships have always been a hot topic for discussion. In a time where so many women are seeking help in the romance department, it’s no wonder that books like Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” are so successful. “Pass The Memo” goes one-step further by being extremely detailed, targeting many topics that weigh on many women’s minds.

“The advice in ‘Pass The Memo’ is coming directly from men,” Yolie explains. “I’m just the messenger. Understanding men is like learning a new language for women, so my job was to write the book in a way that women can understand and accept. This book will change the lives of the women who read it. The reason I know is because it changed mine.”

Pass The Memo is available on, Kindle, Nook, and select bookstores. It’s also available now at


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