Give an Abused Horse a Happy Holiday

How individuals and businesses can donate to Horse Rescue Haven, an IRS-approved 501c3 charity, to give abused horses a happy holiday.

Sparks, NV, December 02, 2011 --( Help an abused horse have a happy holiday.

During this joyous holiday season, Horse Rescue Haven, Sparks, Nevada, asks you to consider making a donation to their 501c3 IRS-approved charity that rescues, rehabilitates and then adopts out domesticated horses who been abused by their owners.

Andrew Clough, President of Horse Rescue Haven, said, "Most government and non-profit animal abuse agencies are not equipped to handle larger animals, and that is why we were founded in 2010, to fill this important community need, here in Northern Nevada. Far too many individuals and families have experienced today's severe economic conditions, and unfortunately it causes some to stop properly caring for their horses. It usually starts by cutting back on medical care, grain and supplements, but eventually it means their horse(s) do not get proper hoof trimming and teeth car, and finally the owners start feeding unsuitable waste hay. Months later, when we get an abused horse it is usually very thin, with sadly overgrown hoofs and hardly able to walk. They often have parasites and urgently need medical and dental care. The other missing element is love; anyone who truly loves their horse would do anything to keep them from getting to this awful point. Due to this depressing abuse, we take over their ownership and provide whatever is necessary to bring them back to a true quality of life. That means we provide Veterinary and dental care, hoof trimming, proper hay and grain, and nutritional supplements, plus plenty of love. They immediately respond to their new surroundings and our attention. It often takes weeks, or months, to get them back to their correct weight, health and a secure feeling of security. We operate with volunteers, and even though 100% of what we get goes entirely to the support of our horses, it still takes thousands of dollars to accomplish our vital mission. This holiday season our needs are more significant, since the price of hay has nearly doubled in the past year. So this year, as we enjoy all of our blessings, please remember your donation of money, or products and services, make all of our important work possible, and are warmly appreciated by our horses and volunteers!"

Horse Rescue Haven
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Horse Rescue Haven
Andrew Clough, President
Babette Clough, Executive Director