2ndMe Celebrates 6,000th Second Life User

2ndMe, a fast-growing service for Second Life residents, reaches 6K users and reveals further plans.

Torrance, CA, December 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- 2ndMe, a fast-growing service for Second Life users, gained its 6,000th user on 30th November at 20:59 NY time. The user visited 2ndMe Store to purchase some apparel for his Second Life avatar and received a promo-code from 2ndMe Team for free photo-to-avatar conversion as a gift.

2ndMe was launched in June 2011 and originally provided flash-based and easy-to use Second Life avatar constructor with 2ndMe Store. The photo-to-avatar converter was under development and available upon a request. Several months later 2ndMe gained 4,000 users and released Beta converter this November. Also, besides automated conversion service, 2ndMe introduced manual avatar finishing by a designer and Second Life style creation.

Because of high demand for photo-to-avatar conversion, this feature isn't available real-time yet. The positive thing is that number of registrations grew by almost 1,500 in less than a month.

2ndMe Team still has much to do by Christmas. As promised before, 2ndMe is going to shift to Adobe Flash 11 in two-three weeks. This is the most wanted upgrade, according to users' poll. Adobe Flash 11 will not only increase customization level of 2ndMe avatars, but also introduce animation support, so avatars will have life-looking eyes, better shadows and so forth. Also, hardware acceleration support will increase 2ndMe and performance and decrease system requirements.

The second forthcoming upgrade is new vendor interface. At the moment, vendors experience several difficulties, when they place their apparel in 2ndMe Store. The new vendor panel would significantly simplify interaction with 2ndMe Store and provide vendors with useful tools for tracking and analysis. Today vendors can place their apparel to 2ndMe via Second Life in-world Magic Box or by a personal request.

Finally, 2ndMe holds talks with venture investor to attract the first round of investment. If negotiations succeed, 2ndMe will receive needed investments early 2012.

You can learn more about 2ndMe on http://2ndme.com.

Steven Vealth