FingerTec USA Introduces Wireless Q2i W Fingerprint Time Clocks with Mechanical Lock Function

FingerTec USA recently introduced a wireless version of its Q2i fingerprint door lock.

Brooklyn, NY, December 03, 2011 --( FingerTec USA - a biometric time clock manufacturer available online at - is promoting its new Q2i W fingerprint door lock for small and medium-sized businesses. The latest in the Q2i series of biometric time clocks, the Q2i W offers all of the functionality of its predecessor with the convenience of wireless connectivity.

"With the Q2i W door fingerprint lock, our clients can foster a safe, honest, and tech-savvy workplace without being bound to a wired connection. This model makes a great upgrade from the Q2i biometric time clock, as well an ideal starter product for businesses new to access control and timekeeping software," said Ryan King, a Technical Manager at FingerTec USA.

Like the Q2i fingerprint door lock, the Q2i W offers both access control and employee time clock software, enabling employers to bolster their security and monitor attendance with a single device. The Q2i W, which comes with FingerTec USA's TCMS V2 finger scanner software, can easily work with a client's existing mechanical lock system, providing for an easy installation.

FingerTec USA's access control fingerprint timeclocks offer a number of functionalities, allowing employers to monitor staff comings and goings while also preventing unauthorized entry without the use of keys. Administrators can even customize their fingerprint door lock systems to adjust their restrictions based on the time of day. For a greater level of security, FingerTec USA's Q2i W fingerprint time clocks can also be configured to require multiple forms of verification, including RFID, MIFARE, or HID cards and manual password entry.

Beyond access control, the Q2i W also features an attendance system with built-in data management that can be synched directly to payroll. The biometric time clock naturally facilitates an honest system, preventing "buddy punching" and other issues. The biometric time clocks can also be set to require workcodes, so employees can provide more information about their daily tasks and work schedules.

For increased personalization, FingerTec USA's Q2i W fingerprint door lock boasts a vivid, 65,000-color LCD screen display, where employers can place company information and updates, in addition to private messages intended for specific users. The biometric time clocks support up to 20 languages, with 16 languages supported by the timekeeping software.

"The Q2i W biometric time clock is the latest in FingerTec USA's line of finger scanner readers created to serve small and medium-sized businesses. There was a time when it was rare to see a fingerprint time clock outside of a government office, but thanks to FingerTec USA, more businesses are able to take advantage of this technology than ever before," King said.

To learn more about FingerTec USA, call 1-888-726-2664 or browse the company's computer timeclock readers online at FingerTec USA also post updates about its biometric time clocks on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively.

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