Lazy Dog Gallery Introduces New Line of Millefiori Jewellery

West Sussex, United Kingdom, December 04, 2011 --( UK’s leading handmade craft specialist Lazy Dog Gallery has recently announced that they have introduced a new line of millefiori jewellery to their comprehensive product catalogue. The company’s new collection includes pieces from esteemed designer Hadas Nussbaum and is designed to provide the Christmas shopper with a wider array of celebration gift ideas.

Millefiori jewellery has become a favourite style piece for many fashion-forward trend setters around the world today because, unlike traditional jewellery, items produced through the millefiori technique will not fade in colour over time. In addition, because these pieces are made from solid clay, they are more robust than other forms of jewellery such as glass jewellery and therefore are less likely to break while the wearer is out for the evening.

Within Lazy Dog Gallery’s new collection of millefiori jewellery designed by industry leader Hadas Nussbaum is the Hadas Nussbaum Millefiori Beaded Necklace, which features spectacular sterling silver findings seamlessly held together with 49 strands wire. This type of wire is used to provide a combination of the flexibility and softness of thread with the solidity and durability of stainless steel wire.

One of the many reasons that customers are picking up items from Lazy Dog Gallery’s Hasan Nussbaum line in their droves this Christmas shopping season is that Hadas Nussbaum makes each piece individually by hand herself. So those who are looking for the perfect celebration gift ideas for their loved ones this Christmas certainly know where to find a present that will truly take the recipient’s breath away.

Those looking to order unique, handmade crafts from Lazy Dog Gallery as Christmas gifts are asked to place their order as early as possible to ensure arrival before Christmas Day.

About Lazy Dog Gallery:

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