Wild Divine Brings Group Cyber Meditation to Facebook

This is the first ever multi-player version of the company’s mind/body event software.

Las Vegas, NV, December 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Wild Divine, the leading innovator of feedback driven relaxation training products, announced today that it will begin hosting a group meditation event, called iOM Online, on Facebook.

iOM Online will run on a similar platform to the company’s extremely popular mind/body event software, but it has been created to run within Facebook and to support the first ever of its kind multi-player environment.

“iOM Online takes meditation to whole new, global level,” said Kyle Widner, president and CEO of Wild Divine. “Imagine a world where you can connect with people you know and people you want to know in a revolutionary new way that no one has been able to bring to you before. You’ll actually be able to see into the mind and heart of the people you meditate with... even if you’re thousands of miles apart and from different cultures, with iOM Online on Facebook, you can make a never before experienced connection.”

This connection is achieved using the Wild Divine Software Platform and its interface, the iOM. Together, the two create the worlds only “Active Feedback” system. Active Feedback picks up the physiological energy of your body and translates it into “psychic” energy through the iOM, an interface that passively attaches to three of your fingers. With expert guidance, you learn to concentrate your mind and body in ways that you’ve never been able to do until now.

With totally laid out, step-by-step interactive exercises, you will achieve an elevated state of mental control through relaxation. As you participate in Wild Divine’s group cyber meditation, you’ll get feedback on how much progress you're making by reading your vital functions. Plus, you’ll see how the group is progressing.

“To make this even more powerful, we are using it as a platform to give back,” said Widner. “We’ve asked our Facebook fans to tell us which charities they’d like us to support. We’ve whittled it down to the Top 5. So every time the group completes a series of group goals together, these five charitable causes receive a donation, essentially generated by the group’s combined psychic energy! This is something that’s never been done before. It makes the experience more than just an exercise or a game, because it has a real purpose.”

In order to participate in this unique event, you must be a Wild Divine Facebook fan (http://www.facebook.com/wild.divine.fans) and have an iOM installed on your computer.

About Wild Divine
Founded in 2001, Wild Divine is a pioneer in the emerging lifestyle technology market. The company is committed to designing and developing unique whole-body relaxation training programs that help people reduce feelings of stress and live happier and more balanced lives. The Wild Divine Software Platform and its interface, the iOM, is the world’s ONLY “Active Feedback” system - one of the most revolutionary product platforms to come out to assist us in understanding and exploring the mind-body-spirit connection. Wild Divine’s relaxation training products artfully combine state of the art technology with beautiful visuals, soothing sounds and effective meditation and breathing techniques to help you uncover your body’s natural ability to counter the effects of stressful situations, increase your energy level, restore balance and improve your ability to connect to the world around you in profound ways. For more information, please visit www.wilddivine.com.

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