Analytic Solutions Inc. Announces the Release of a New Version of The Audinator™

Introducing ground-breaking spreadsheet error and risk identification algorithms and integrated remediation functionality. Eliminate costly spreadsheet errors.

Holland, PA, December 05, 2011 --( Over 91% of spreadsheets contain errors which can cost companies millions in underpriced products, poor investment decisions, embarrassing financial restatements, and regulatory non-compliance. The Audinator™, through best-in-class automated spreadsheet auditing, is the preeminent software tool to identify and eliminate these risks.

"Anyone who has made decisions based on complex analytical models will understand the value of this tool. Errors happen, and one error can flow throughout the entire model and impact your results. The Audinator™ has been a great investment,” says Paul de la Torre, Commercial Director, Zacapa Rums and Audinator™ client.

With the click of a button, The Audinator™ evaluates an Excel spreadsheet of any size and complexity with a sophisticated battery of audit tests, and logs the results of the analysis of error and risk on every single cell. “With this new software release, the error and risk algorithms are so advanced and uncompromisingly accurate that it obsoletes all current spreadsheet auditing technology,” says Richard Blaustein, President and CEO. “Furthermore, we have now more seamlessly integrated industry-leading error and risk resolution functionality to allow users to make corrections and overrides for entire ranges of spreadsheet cells with just a single mouse click.”

A fully-integrated whitelist capability allows specific items to be evaluated and if deemed acceptable, easily overridden. With this functionality, spreadsheets can be re-audited over and over again without having to re-review previously whitelisted items, consequently tremendously enhancing re-audit efficiency and making continuous audit an achievable reality.

The ease of use, accuracy, and continuous audit efficiency now transform The Audinator™ to an organization-wide tool, extending well beyond just internal and external auditor usage and into the hands of all spreadsheet users. Blaustein continues, “Imagine the risk reduction across an enterprise that would occur if every time an analyst makes a change to a key spreadsheet model, they run The Audinator™ to test for errors. It only takes a few seconds and errors would be caught immediately – before they can do damage – not six months later when internal audit does its scheduled review.”

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