Sentrana Releases Survey Solution for Customized Market Research

Sentrana Inc. announces the launch of MarketMover Survey as the latest addition to the MarketMover enterprise software platform.

Washington, DC, December 07, 2011 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in scientific marketing, announced today the launch of MarketMoverTM Survey as the latest addition to the MarketMoverTM platform. The new application allows users to design sophisticated market research surveys which leverage MarketMover’s predictive analytics capabilities to customize questions to each respondent. The application’s flexibility and integration with Sentrana’s other predictive technologies present a significant advance over commonly available survey tools.

MarketMoverTM Survey enables Sentrana’s clients to easily design, develop, deploy and analyze sophisticated questionnaires without incurring the additional expense and overhead of having third parties manage this process. Some of the application’s distinguishing features include the ability to create surveys with built-in logic that determine not only a respondent’s path through the questionnaire, but also uses predicted data for each respondent to adjust how the questions are framed for them. Adjusting questions in this way ensures that the questions posed in the survey are more relevant for each respondent. This makes the information gathered more valuable for marketers attempting to glean insights about market preferences from the response data. Additionally, integration with the MarketMoverTM Price Optimization module enables marketing opportunities emerging from survey findings to be channeled directly into the sales tools through which pricing and cross-sell guidance are provided for each customer.

“The precision with which we can extract and use insights from the market is approaching the highly detailed level at which we currently can optimize recommendations and prices for the market,” says Product Manager Christian Bonilla. “MarketMoverTM Survey takes market research to a new level by customizing the questions themselves to each and every customer, even using hidden information that our behavioral models uncover about them.”

MarketMoverTM Survey extends Sentrana’s scientific micromarketing platform, MarketMoverTM, for price optimization and targeted campaign marketing. With MarketMoverTM Survey clients are able to conduct detailed market research to further inform their ability to position, price and promote their products for maximum profit using the MarketMoverTM software suite.

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