Delta Market Research Launches a Solar Energy Survey for Marketing Support

Hatboro, PA, December 08, 2011 --( Delta Market Research, a national Market Research firm whose findings have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times is launching the first Solar Energy Study with the purpose of assisting subscribers to the benefits of both multi-tiered Marketing paradigms and measurements for assisting Marketing efforts in overcoming the standard cost barriers involved in moving audiences and therefore sales forward.

“Many Solar Energy Suppliers are too close to their own product,” says Robert Norman, EVP at Delta Market Research, a 35 year veteran in audience research and multi-tiered marketing measurements. "The market is ripe and the product is ready. Now is the time for benchmarking the marketplace and to stop seeking subsidy over substance for Marketing. Market leaders need to come forward, not hat in hand, but with unique marketing positions and campaigns that go beyond the standards of, all we need is more money to educate the market, while the government is subsidizing education of installers and letting the PV manufacturers self destruct in a war on pricing, cheered on by fossil fuels and other alternatives."

Linda Celec, President at Delta Market Research, says, "We will begin the process by educating the market on how they view themselves, then benchmark the audiences, determining the potentials and how to create opportunities that will yield sales through the entire distribution cycle. We certainly hope the Industry itself wants to take advantage of the measurements available that can yield the sales that will make subsidies obsolete."

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