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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, December 08, 2011 --( Sizlotech is an easy to use Portal that enables easy interaction for technical data on products, gain insight, compare reviews and make quick decisions.

From the hothouse of tech company Sizlo Tech comes the latest – the launch of site, a portal not only for technology lovers and buyers but also for those who just want to simply want their questions about technology and the latest tech gizmos, answered.

This site – is a veritable store house of knowledge to get the latest blurbs on cell phones that have caught the imagination of every tech lover out there. Every brand of PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone has been on almost virtual display with every feature and technology application discussed, reviewed and critiqued almost threadbare. Sizlo Tech is certain that this site will be tremendously useful and popular as an online forum for product reviews and comparisons. With easy connectivity to popular business and social networking sites that are frequented by members of almost every age group, the site ensures that even a tech newbie can find information that is relevant and have every doubt cleared, every question answered. The site is also very user friendly with a clean, easy-on-the-eye layout for quick navigation and easy uploading of links to comparative data, pricing variations and offers. There is a clear, unbiased approach to products that are featured, outlined, reviewed and compared which has ensured that the ratings have always been over the average rankings and ratios.

The management of Sizlo Tech models its outlook on those entrepreneurs and original thinkers who have boldly and freely given definite shape to their ideas and visions. The world at large has seen the amazing reach of those visions thought by the visionaries in this modern world. In effect, the global world has shrunk with virtually no place left that is not connected in the real world. While quick to realize the reach of such technology and practice to connect to its customers and users around the world, Sizlo Tech is proud that its values and ideals have always conformed to the highest degree of fair play at all times.

Sizlo Tech has always upheld good customer ethics and practices as the pillars of its success and quick rise in the global community of tech oriented companies. Its open, free thinking policy of equal opportunity for work, fair employee practices and a honest corporate social responsibility agenda outline what Sizlo Tech stands for in the highly competitive and fast growing technology competent global community.

Sizlo Tech is committed to ensuring that the site is adequately protected by administrator rights so that users are not misled by incorrect technical data or false reviews.

Sizlo Tech believes that the USP of this site is its firm commitment to encourage newer and upcoming technology trends and uses. Given the explosion of technology backed products and the stranglehold it can exercise on users around the world, Sizlo Tech hopes to encourage more dialogues and discussions on latest cell phone concepts, tablets news, laptop reviews.

Owner name: M Naveed Arif
Address: J&amp, P Shajah, P.O Box 36132

Naveed Arif