Teamstudio® Announces Support for iOS

The Teamstudio Unplugged® XPages Engine now offers support for BlackBerry®, Android® and iOS devices.

Boston, MA, December 09, 2011 --( Teamstudio®, a global leader in IBM Lotus Notes® development and administration tools, today announced the availability of the Unplugged XPages Engine for iOS. This latest version of the Unplugged XPages Engine enables mobile access to corporate Notes® applications—with or without connectivity—using any Android®, BlackBerry® or iOS device.

The Unplugged XPages Engine works with Domino® Designer, allowing developers to create XPages applications that run on all three major mobile operating systems. These applications can then be updated via mobile sync to Domino servers.

With its HTML5-based architecture, the Unplugged XPages Engine unleashes the full power of the mobile user interface designer, allowing the user to create visual, touch-optimized, custom mobile applications for any of the three main operating systems. And, because the Unplugged XPages Engine is cross-platform, users can leverage a single, easy-to-maintain code base across all the platforms.

Nigel Cheshire, Teamstudio CEO, comments: “The Unplugged XPages Engine multi-device support is perfect for organizations that want to increase efficiency by allowing employees to work anytime, anywhere, with reliable access to corporate data. Mobile Web apps are easy to create with XPages, but most only work well with an excellent wireless signal. With Unplugged, it’s easy to create replicating apps that work, whatever the conditions.”

About the Unplugged XPages Engine
The Unplugged XPages Engine is software that makes it easy to extend Lotus Notes applications to mobile devices securely, with full mobile data sync. Detailed product information can be found at

If you are interested in joining the current Unplugged iOS Beta program, contact Lyndsay Thomson, Teamstudio Product Manager, on:

We expect the beta program to run for three months, with full product availability in late January 2012.

About Teamstudio
Teamstudio is the market leader for software development and mobile integration tools for organizations that use IBM Lotus Notes for messaging and collaborative applications.

In 2010, Teamstudio launched Unplugged, which extends the data replication and synchronization capabilities of IBM Lotus Notes to mobile devices.

Teamstudio products and services are used by more than 2,000 companies around the world.

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