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Chirange Technologies Launches New Website Premiering GPS Tracking and Incident Command App for Android Tablets For Fire, SWAT & Rescue Industries

Launch of New Website Marks a New Era of Safety and Automated Awareness Monitoring for Fire Rescue Technology

Manchester, United Kingdom, December 09, 2011 --( Wednesday morning brings with it the launch of a fresh new website featuring leading edge mobile technology for fire and rescue personnel. Chirange Technologies Limited (CTL), located in Manchester, UK, announces the launch of their new website designed to show off the new Chirange Commander, offered as a mobile app for the rescue industries. The newest product offered in the up and coming line of Chirange products is the Chirange Incident Commander, an Android app which has been meticulously designed from the ground up to help aid Fire & Rescue, Police and Swat units, as well as security professionals.

The Chirange app for Android tablets offers real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of fire and police personnel, as well as allows incident commanders to see the larger picture while allowing other commanders and rescue personel involved to view and share information through the Chirange app. Commanders as well as staff at headquarters can monitor and see all live incidents and see what the situation is on the ground, all in real-time through the cloud based interface. Everything from location of fire trucks and rescue equipment to the coordinates of each rescue team member out in the field, is recorded within the system and a full audit trail is available of every movement and action for review.

“We designed and developed the Chirange Incident Commander app for the Android tablet with a main goal of helping to safeguard firefighters in the field. The app allows incident commanders more control over emergencies in the field, allowing them to make better decisions for the safety of their teams,” remarks Paul Birchall, CEO of Chirange Technologies.

Lancashire Fire Department

Involved in the development from the beginning has been Fire & Rescue services from both the United States and the United Kingdom. “Throughout the development of the application, our work with fire and rescue workers has provided Chirange top of the line in development and testing,” says Birchall. Chirange is currently being tested in the UK by Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service in NW England and also building interest from other UK as well as US based fire departments, with SWAT teams also set to start testing and trails with Chirange.

Fire and Rescue Products Coming Soon

Chirange is working to assimilate leading edge geospatial tracking technology allowing a firefighter’s location to be tracked in real time, from inside buildings. Working with a US partner technology company, CTL will be amongst the first to offer this leading technology to the fire rescue, police, SWAT, and security organizations. The Geospatial tracking is set to be launched next year within the Chirange Incident Commander tablet application.

About Chirange Technologies

Founded in 2010, Chirange Technologies is based near Manchester in the United Kingdom. Chirange is a specialist in developing enterprise personnel tracking systems that use GPS and the latest inertial navigation technologies that are managed by our application running on the latest Android 3.0 tablet devices.

CTL is headed by an experienced UK management team with extensive experience in IT, GIS application development and tracking technologies, with a successful track record of working with leading corporations like British Telecommunications, Fujitsu, NEC, The Tote, Bank of Scotland, in addition to the MOD, UK Police Constabularies and Fire & Rescue Services.

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