Unique New Self-help Guide, Beautiful I Am, Published by Carl Blake Publishers

Coauthors Lauren and Chanel Williams’ innovative new self-help guide contains a confidence building sequence of dynamic daily affirmations that help everyone boost their self-esteem and just plain feel better about themselves after each short read.

Palmdale, CA, December 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mother and daughter coauthors Lauren and Chanel Williams announced today the release of Beautiful I Am, published by Carl Blake Publishers. This labor of love between mother and daughter offers readers one short daily passage after another -- complete with what are truly inspirational photographs – and is designed to quickly perk one up and remind one that there is indeed beauty in us all and we must celebrate it.

“I am what I think I am. Therefore, beautiful I am.” Lauren and Chanel Williams provide one after another similarly powerful daily mantras designed to restore one’s confidence by focusing on both inner and outward beauty. Each of the authors’ inspirational every day reads is accompanied by a photograph of a person whose spectacular smile alone can convince the reader immediately that, no matter what, he or she can embrace their own unique beauty.

“My beauty is exclusive because it belongs to me,” write the authors and while this maxim may remain a platitude voiced here by itself, within the continuing text and photography of Beautiful I Am, it achieves a resonance powerful enough to convince any reader that it’s time to snap out of their murky depression, beauty up, and grant themselves their own unique worth.

Lauren and Chanel Williams have the goal to break down and erase all the unnecessary barriers people place in their lives, and they have created an organization that is based on acknowledging confidence, strength and inner beauty. A portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research and their website, www.beautifuliam.co, is available to purchase the book and merchandise. Beautiful I Am was itself inspired by the efforts of this mother and sister to help their son and brother understand he remained a beautiful person during his battle with cancer.

The collection of inspirational aphorisms in Beautiful I Am can provide a daily dose of positive self-esteem to anyone who has found themselves temporarily mired down in the insecurities of life. Williams’ guide spurs a quickly renewed acceptance of who one is and what one looks like, and after consulting any one of the short passages, readers will easily find themselves strolling down the street murmuring happily to themselves “Beautiful I am.”

Beautiful I Am is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Format: 8 x 5 paperback ISBN: 978-0-6155-2971-4 SRP: $11.95
Kindle $ 2.99
Genre: Self-help/inspirational/body, mind, spirit

About the authors:
Chanel Williams is the founder of Beautiful I Am. She was born on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, and was raised in Southern California, where she currently resides.
Lauren Williams was born and raised in Massachusetts and has lived in Japan, Bermuda, New Jersey and Chicago. She currently resides in Southern California.

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