New Tweens & Teens Novel Released by Aleisha Gore

Writer, director, producer and actress, Aleisha Gore, steps away from the cameras and focuses on an inspiring young adult novel, to warm the hearts of kids and adults everywhere and inspire them, despite adversity, to be themselves.

Woodland Hills, CA, December 10, 2011 --( Aleisha Gore has done it again, a new milestone, a new inspiration. This time it's not an award nominated music video or short film, instead a new book from this unsung artist. Marney + Me, Best Sisters 4Ever, is a beautiful book about struggle, determination, love and family.

Marney is the star basketball player of her team when a tragic accident, a fall, or was it a push?, by the opposing team's player puts her out of commission and into a wheelchair. Instead of allowing apathy to set in, she meets the challenge and once again becomes a star player, but on a wheelchair basketball team, and all this happens before the end of page one.

Marney's sister, Sam, is the firecracker of the story. Not only does she narrate the entire book, but she's a child genius. At the age of seven, she attends the seventh grade, but not without consequences. The problematic Sam has no leash on her sarcastic mouth when she's around the teenage bullies at her school. She must survive the seventh grade and with honors.

Busy body Sam has possibly found Marney a chance to walk again, but will Marney go for it? Would you? She wants to help her sister and ensure they will always be best sisters forever in this one-of-a-kind sweet story.

Author Aleisha Gore says this is just the start of a new series and "I'm also writing the movie script for Marney + Me. So stay tuned!"

Marney + Me, Best Sisters 4Ever has been released worldwide in print and ebook on, Kindle, and Smashwords.

You can find out more information, contact the author and purchase the book at

Aleisha Gore