Clango Group Endorses Indigo Identityware’s iDNA™ Security Architecture for Healthcare iPads®

Indigo iDNA provides password-free two-factor strong authentication for fast, secure access to a user’s network and desktop.

Minneapolis, MN, December 11, 2011 --( Clango Group, consultants specializing in the identity and access management (IAM) industry, endorsed the security architecture supporting Indigo Identityware’s (Indigo) new mobile security solution for the iPad®, iDNA™. Indigo is an IAM software solutions expert that focuses specifically in password-free strong authentication for mobile and virtual environments.

"Indigo has developed a unique methodology to accomplish strong authentication with the iPad. It satisfies both the 2-factor authentication requirements of IT security as well as the ease-of-use requirements of clinicians," says Richard Friedeman, an identity management security expert with Clango Group.

Healthcare organizations throughout the country are feeling pressure from physicians to allow them to bring in their personal iPads® for clinical use. The iPad®, like other personally-owned mobile devices, are considered “unmanaged and unsecured” devices by the IT department and can create security risks. However, Indigo’s iDNA™ solves this issue and allows physicians to securely use them within their clinical setting. By simply entering a 4-digit PIN, physicians are granted immediate and secure access to their virtual desktop and/or applications within the hospital.

“There are many physicians that prefer to use their iPad for simplicity of accessing patient records,” said Thomas Rheineck, President & CEO of Indigo Identityware. “Indigo’s new solution not only enables physicians to use them securely within their clinical setting, but also adds further convenience by allowing users to ‘roam’ their session to the nearest workstation for more in depth clinical charting or viewing, if needed. It truly is a great solution for both IT and physicians alike.”

About Clango Group
Clango Group is an architectural advisory services organization specializing in business case development, solution envisioning and technology positioning. They work with clients to articulate their project objectives, align appropriate solution options and determine an achievable implementation approach. Their focus is within the discipline of Identity and Access Management and offer strategic assessment and roadmap development, use case creation and program communication services.

About Indigo
Indigo Identityware, a leader in the identity and access management industry, distinguishes itself by providing password-free mobile and virtual strong authentication. Indigo’s software-only architecture was built from the ground up for mobile, virtual and clinical cloud computing. This differentiates Indigo from all other identity management solutions. Indigo’s solution works in any virtual environment and has been certified as Citrix Ready. Its flexible design supports multiple strong authentication methods, including next generation biometrics, providing users with secure and fast access to information. Indigo’s software-only solution increases workflow productivity while helping customers ensure regulatory compliance.

Indigo Identityware
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