Reportaaz Presents "Ladhai Samudrachya Hakkachi: Fight for Justice" Only on IBN-Lokmat

Pune, India, December 11, 2011 --( A common man wants nothing more than his daily share of bread and butter. For the state of Maharashtra, which is blessed with sea coasts, there is no better employment for a common man but to use the richness of the sea to earn money. For a long time the Fisheries sector in Konkan has been the major source of livelihood for the economically backward people in the region. But the picture has changed considerably over the past few years. Big boat holders have taken over the fishing business through advanced fishing methods, giving rise to disputes between the traditional fishermen families and big boat holders in the region. To know more about this issue which has become the topic of distress for the traditional fishermen and their families, watch an exclusive report by Dinesh Keluskar on Reportaaz at 10 am and 8:30 pm on Sunday, 11th December only on IBN-Lokmat.

Konkan, which literally means the corner of earth, was a haven for fishermen in the past. They were content with whatever they earned out of selling sea food. But since the time new fishermen entered the region, the traditional fishermen incurred a major loss in terms of earning. Thousands of fishermen families dwelling in Konkan use traditional means of fishing such as nets and hooks. These families earn a minimal amount of money through their fishing occupation due to their conventional methods and inability to purchase modern fishing equipment. The big boat holders or better called as the mechanized purse seniors earn more profits than the traditional fishermen by using up to date fishing equipments. This has resulted in reduction in the profit margin of the long-established fishermen who have a family history of fishing occupation. Looking towards this loss in their daily earning, the previous fishermen families have started rebelling against the big boat holders. Around 40,000 families of the traditional fishermen have been actively opposing these mechanized seniors in a course to bring back prosperity in terms of their livelihood.

Know more about this rapidly intensifying argument between traditional fishermen and big boat holders in Konkan coast only on Reportaaz at 10 am and 8:30 pm on Sunday, 11th December on IBN-Lokmat.

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