J.H. Mattern Communications
J.H. Mattern Communications

Professional Business Writer Offers Money-Making Private Label Rights Business Articles

Marketing / PR consultant and professional business writer, Jennifer Mattern has launched a new cost-effective collection of private label rights (PLR) business articles to online publishers at www.FirstRateContent.com. The site, run through her firm JH Mattern Communications, offers site owners professionally-written business content to help them earn more through ad revenues, even if they can’t afford custom business writing.

Philadelphia, PA, May 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Taking a new approach to private label rights (PLR) articles, JH Mattern Communications’ owner, Jennifer Mattern, is helping webmasters and online business owners build business niche websites from the ground up with professional, yet inexpensive, PLR business article packs at www.FirstRateContent.com. The unique aspect of these PLR articles is the method in which they’re created and marketed, offering starter sets with general content for starting a niche website, as well as specialty PLR article packs to then continually expand upon that starter pack content. With this system, webmasters can create and maintain a money-making niche website or blog, with a consistent flow of new, targeted content.

"Originally First Rate Content was launched as an experiment as a freelance business writer, in order to compare long-term revenue potential of PLR writing as opposed to exclusive business content writing for clients,” says Mattern. “The idea was to give PLR a shot for a few months and then report back on results to a series of writer networks also run through the firm. Beyond that, there’s a genuine need for higher quality PLR content on the Web, as opposed to most PLR articles, which are simply rewrites of older PLR content or articles written only from the most basic of Web research from sites such as Wikipedia, which means their information isn’t always accurate.”

PLR content is purchased by webmasters who can’t, or don’t want to, write all of their own content, but who also don’t want to, or can’t afford to, hire writers for custom work. The PLR business articles offered by First Rate Content are both optimized for search engine rankings as well as Web reading to not only earn buyers more money through ad revenues, but to also earn repeat visitors.

Current starter sets (each with ten articles) include “Staring an Online Business” and “Internet Marketing Basics.” Current specialty sets (with five articles each) include “Press Release Writing,” “Business Credit Cards,” “Email Marketing: List Building,” “Self Employment,” and “PR Writing Basics.” PLR sets from First Rate Content are sold only to a limited number of buyers, and come to $2.00 per article when sets are purchased.

About JH Mattern Communications

J.H. Mattern Communications is a small firm launched in 2004 by Jennifer Mattern, providing PR, marketing, writing, and editing services predominantly to musicians, writers, and webmasters / online business owners, with a specialty in online PR and professional business writing.

For additional information about First Rate Content and the new PLR business article packs, please visit www.FirstRateContent.com. For more information about Jennifer Mattern or JH Mattern Communications, please visit www.jhmattern.com.

J.H. Mattern Communications
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