Cassbeth Publishes a New Book "Systems Practices as Common Sense" for Graduate and Undergraduate Education and Those Interested in Systems

Cherry Hill, NJ, December 12, 2011 --( Cassbeth publishes a new book "Systems Practices as Common Sense". This book is for professors needing a graduate or undergraduate level systems engineering textbook and those interested in systems, current systems practitioners, managers, and policy makers. The book is two years in the making. It is based on 33 plus years of industry experience and recent work with University Level students studying Systems Engineering and interests in Sustainability.

The book has 47 chapters, an appendix, bibliography and index. Each chapter concludes with Exercises and Additional Reading. The content offers a description of how to execute various systems practices, examples, and then author comments. The author comments are identified, but occasionally the commentary does slip into the description of the practices. The model of the content structure is based on 3 years experience advising undergraduate university students on their senior year Systems Engineering projects associated with Sustainability. Each chapter is structured so that an instructor can modify the level of detail offered in their course. Supporting material is readily available via the references that are in the public domain produced by NASA, FAA, DOD and others. The references form the foundation of the systems engineering that led to humans landing on the moon, satellites, air traffic control and many other systems we now enjoy. They are also the foundation of this text.

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Systems Practices as Common Sense
by Walter Sobkiw
ISBN: 9780983253082

Published by CassBeth

Claudia Joy