Council for Professional Recognition and iCohere Partner to Create New Online Application Process

CDA candidates now capable of applying for and renewing their CDA credential completely online.

Walnut Creek, CA, December 15, 2011 --( iCohere and the Council for Professional Recognition have announced the launch of the second release of YourCDA, a customized online application system that allows candidates to apply for both Initial CDAs and Renewal CDAs.

Previously, over 25,000 initial applications and renewals were processed annually by hand. Many of these applications contained errors and some even had to be returned to candidates via mail.

The benefits of this new online application system are manifold: first and foremost, candidates can now submit their own application data, thus greatly reducing errors and eliminating staff time for data entry. Because all data is digitally archived and backed up, rather than printed and filed, a tremendous amount of paper is saved. In addition, candidates can log in at any time to check their status or update their information, further minimizing errors and anxiety. Payment can be submitted online, though money orders and traditional vouchers are still accepted.

The application system functions through an easy-to-follow workflow model where candidates follow a specific sequence of steps that tailors the application to their preferences. For example, candidates have the option of viewing the entire application in Spanish. As further support, they’re automatically sent reminders about remaining work necessary to complete their application. Over 70 automated messages streamline basic communications with candidates, while searchable FAQs, an online chat, and a technical help desk can assist candidates with any other issues that might arise.

“What could be more important and beneficial than making it easier for the very busy professionals in early childhood education to move through the credentialing process?” said iCohere CEO and Co-Founder Pascal Kaplan, Ph.D. “We’re excited and gratified to be a partner in this project and to ease the burden of these professionals.”

“Our new YourCDA online credential application and renewal system is a tremendous advancement for us, and for those we serve,” commented Valora Washington, Ph.D., President, CEO and Chairman of the Council. “We love the efficiency of the new system. iCohere has been a great partner through the development process, and we are really pleased with the results.”

Users have already commented positively on the efficiency and convenience of the new system, and the Council for Professional Recognition is considering a third release next year that will expand the role of an advisor in the application process.

User comments include:
“I can't thank you enough for the ease in renewing my CDA! Your online process is exactly what the busy early childhood educator needs which is a process that can be completed in several easy steps. One thing I will do, now that the process has been streamlined, is to save my documents online so that I can forward them to you through email. This journey has been a re-evaluation of my dreams and desire to work in this field!”

“I love the fact that I was able to renew my CDA online. I was able to fax, scan, or email my documents. Whenever I had questions my emails were answered promptly by your staff. I've recommended this site to everyone I know, including my boss.”

“This process was not too complicated. The renewal process took a matter of 3 business days. I am extremely satisfied with this new on-line process. Thanks!”

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About the Council for Professional Recognition (CDA)
The Council for Professional Recognition promotes improved performance and recognition of professionals in the early childhood education of children aged birth to 5 years old. The Council works to ensure that all professional early childhood educators and caregivers meet the developmental, emotional, and educational needs of our nation’s youngest children.

In keeping with its goal to meet the growing need for qualified early child care and education staff, the Council administers the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program, designed to assess and credential early childhood education professionals.

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