Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer, Dr Grow It All, Partners with Green Energy Council, Brazilian Government and Others to Feed the World

Las Vegas, NV, December 11, 2011 --( Chicken Manure Helps Feed The World

A Las Vegas-based company with an innovative, patented process to turn chicken manure into a safe, organic liquid fertilizer has just been accepted as an Official Partner in the "International Green Energy Council (GEC) Feed The World Coalition."

"Dr Grow It All" (, produced by GBI USA, has just joined with GEC and other collaborative partners such as Florida Institute of Technology, NASA, the Brazilian Government Ministries of Aquaculture and Agriculture and the Brazilian Secretary for the Environment, Dr Silvia Earl from National Geographic, Philip Cousteau, EMBRAPA, the Governments of Trinidad & Tobago and American Samoa, the Mohegan Tribe of North America and many others ( This Coalition will work together in rolling out the GECFTWC plan for the future of water, fish, agriculture and livestock needs in order to be able to sustain a growing World population and presenting the program at the United Nations "UN Rio 20" conference in June 2012.

Stark contrasts are apparent between the availability of natural resources and the demands of billions of humans who require them for their survival. In fact, on the date that the GECFTWC policy paper was initially crafted (July 26, 2010) the world population stood at 6,856,034,919 and according to the Population Reference Bureau, that number increases by almost a quarter-million people every single day – yet the stocks of natural resources that support human life-food, fresh water, quality soil, energy, and biodiversity-are being polluted, degraded, and depleted.

Another environmental hazard that has been present for years and is now just emerging to challenge their resourcefulness, is poultry manure. The growing availability of poultry meats has consequently brought about this problem that needs to be contained for this industry to grow unabated. As poultry meat is becoming a cheaper alternative to the red meats, this industry is going to grow, and as poultry can be grown a lot quicker than its red meat counterparts and with pork and beef not being accepted by some cultures, it seems only natural that producing and delivering more poultry meat faster than the red meats, is more acceptable, and importantly for industry, more financially viable.

Presently, the downside to this emerging industry is the waste produced by poultry, with each bird excreting between 100–150 grams per day mixed with bedding in the form of straw, sawdust and/or shavings. With farms ranging from 10,000+ to 100,000+ birds, that equates to 1 to 10 ton of manure everyday 365 days of the year. Literally a mountain of manure.

"Dr Grow It All is proud to be an active part of the GECFTW Coalition," commented GBI USA CEO, Dave Lovegrove. "We have the ability to take a potentially toxic substance, turn it into a totally natural liquid fertilizer with virtually no physical or carbon footprint; the entire plant capable of producing 16,000 liters per day can take up as little as 1200sq ft; and can be powered with solar panels.

"More than that, it’s a totally closed loop system with virtually no waste at all – our so-called waste is actually an organic potting mix and soil conditioner! When you look at what the GEC is doing to support our environment, 'Dr Grow It All' is a perfect fit."

Dr Grow It All is a trademark of GBI USA LLC.

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