Top Kentucky Dentist Jenny Miller DMD Redefines Cosmetic Dentistry with Natural Smile Makeovers

Kentucky Dentist Dr. Jenny Miller from Hamburg Expressions, is meeting demand for a growing market of patients requiring cosmetic dental treatments with her philosophy on cosmetic dentistry.

Lexington, KY, December 13, 2011 --( Dr. Jenny Miller is meeting demand for a growing market of patients looking to enhance their smiles with advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments.

As the principal dentist at her Hamburg Expressions Dental Practice in Lexington Kentucky, Dr. Jenny Miller is redefining modern dentistry with her philosophy on cosmetic dental treatment.

Dr. Miller has seen a dramatic increase in the request for cosmetic related dental treatment over the last two years, with around 70 per cent of new patients seeking cosmetic enhancement.

“I have seen a significant rise in the number of patients coming to me with cosmetic concerns as their main priority,” said Dr. Miller.

“We believe the significant rise in people seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment is because now there are now so many options available for people who are not happy with their most important feature – their smile.

“Creating naturally beautiful smiles can only be done by studying and duplicating what we have all agreed is an aesthetically pleasing smile. A beautiful smile is universally attractive, and almost everyone would agree that a full, bright, and stable smile increases ones confidence and overall self esteem.

“In today’s world, we have the ability and technology to give that, (a beautiful smile), to people who were not born with it or have lost it over time due to the aging process.”

To meet the rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry, Hamburg Expressions is now offering complete smile makeovers to patients to help them achieve the "naturally beautiful smiles" they desire.

“For us at Hamburg Expressions, in collaboration with our in house dental laboratory, we have become increasingly unhappy with the word 'cosmetic' and prefer to use the term “naturally beautiful” to describe the main focus of our profession.

“At Hamburg Expressions, we have spent 20 years studying naturally beautiful smiles in order to replicate them for each individual. Subsequently we can now continually perfect our diagnosis and delivery of naturally beautiful dentistry that will last a lifetime, with our smile makeovers.”

All restorations and materials for the smile makeovers are created to suit each individual patient and manufactured in the on-site dental laboratory owned and operated by Dr. Miller’s husband, Neil Miller.

Neil is a certified master aesthetic dental technician who believes that often it is the structure of the teeth and bite that leads to the eventual deterioration of the smile.

“Typically, it is a misaligned bite that leads to the destruction of the teeth over time. With our smile makeover consultations, Jenny and I work to show the client why their teeth have suffered over time, what is causing it, and all of their options for how to fix it,” said Neil.

“Then, inside our onsite dental laboratory, Jenny and I, will study the models and bite patterns of the interested client, to ensure the best possible treatment recommendation to achieve the most naturally beautiful result.

“The stunning transformations in ones overall appearance after the completion of a beautiful and natural smile restoration, subsequently results in a rise in self confidence and self esteem from each and every client we have worked with. This result is the source of our passion each and every day for what we formally referred to as “cosmetic” dentistry and now affectionately refer to as naturally beautiful smile transformations.

“At our practice we always strive to provide patients with the latest and greatest treatments and products available and always work to push the boundaries of our profession for the benefit of our patients, said Neil.

Hamburg Expressions is a leading Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry Practice located in Hamburg Pavilion in Lexington, KY and is dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

Dr. Jenny Miller is an active member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has won various awards for her contribution to dentistry, including the 2005 AACD Smile Gallery Competition where she was awarded a Gold Medal.

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