Q1 Productions to Host Its 3rd Annual European Medical Device Reimbursement Conference

Moving Toward a Unified Reimbursement Process across Europe through the Creation of Specific Pathways for New & Existing Medical Technologies, while Meeting Increasing Clinical Data Requirements and Maximizing Positive HTA Decisions.

Chicago, IL, December 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- This winter, Q1 Productions brings reimbursement experts from industry as well as representatives from European regulatory bodies together to discuss strategy and build structure throughout the process of bringing new, oftentimes, innovative, medical technologies to market. With each European country having its own specific healthcare system and healthcare technology assessments (HTA) to navigate, achieving reimbursement can be a tedious process difficult to manage because of each country’s continually evolving regulatory and legal framework.

While there are prevalent methods to streamline and effectively manage the market access process like Diagnosis-Related Groups, no fully concerted efforts exist between all the European nations. Integrating the amount of variance that exists between each country’s HTA reports and ever-evolving regulations, medical device companies seeks to navigate the reimbursement process by simplifying and moving toward a single delineated product reimbursement pathway. Q1’s Medical Device Reimbursement Conference will offer the insight of Health Technology Assessors from Germany’s IQWiG, France’s HAS, the UK’s NICE and EUnetHTA to shed light on HTA trends and shape the creation of reimbursement pathways.

This winter’s programming stresses reimbursement strategies that are both efficient as well as comprehensive. Group sessions, panel discussions and informal, conversational networking opportunities will provide attendees with an informed set of skills to use in efforts to achieve product reimbursement. For full details and/or registration, visit: Q1Productions.com/EUDevReim.

Presenting organizations include: Alcon Laboratories, American Medical Systems, BaseCase, B. Braun Medical, Boston Scientific, Covidien, Crowell & Moring, EUnetHTA Stakeholders Forum, EuroDRG Project, IQWiG, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Medtronic, NICE, Prostalund, Robert Bosch Healthcare, Sequana Medical, Sirtex Medical, Synergus and Technisches Universitat Berlin.

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