Austin GMAT Review Announces First Advanced GMAT Math “Immersion” Course, Once a Year Only

MBA and MPA Candidates Spend One Week Deep in GMAT Test Preparation, Aiming for Top Quant Business Schools

Austin, TX, December 14, 2011 --( Typically, when one thinks of New Year’s Eve in Austin, visions of reveling on Sixth Street or in the SoCo district come to mind. But for MBA candidates who are targeting top quantitative business schools, New Year’s Eve will be the end of a week of intensive test preparation with Austin GMAT Review, the leading GMAT prep provider in central Texas. For the first time, Austin GMAT Review is offering the Advanced GMAT Math Immersion course. And like Santa Claus, this particular advanced GMAT course comes once a year, December 27-31 only. Immersion class participants spend five six-hour days learning powerful and efficient techniques of solving the toughest GMAT math problems.

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT®, is required by most business schools in North America for admission to MBA programs; increasingly the test is being required by schools in Europe and Asia as well. Most GMAT test takers aiming for a high score start preparing 3-6 months before the actual test date. For MBA candidates, the stakes are high. A high GMAT score can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection by the business school of choice.

To be seriously considered for admission by an excellent M.Fin. or MPA program, a quantitative-heavy MBA program, or an MBA with a specialty in finance, the candidate must achieve a high GMAT math score. For someone interested in highly competitive, quantitative-focused MBA and MPA programs such as UT Austin McCombs, Wharton, Chicago Booth, NYU Stern, Stanford, Columbia, MIT Sloan, and Michigan Ross, comprehensive GMAT preparation courses may not provide the requisite focus.

Scheduled before many business schools’ Round 2 deadlines, the Advanced GMAT Math Immersion course is a once-a-year, one-week offering that covers a wide range of GMAT quantitative topics. Created for those who are good at math but having difficulty raising that all-important GMAT score to a competitive level, the unique immersion course focuses on elevating the class participants’ math scores to the next level.

The concept of an “immersion” course is different from the more common “crash” courses. The immersion course, offered only to MBA and MPA candidates who have already attempted the GMAT or taken multiple GMAT practice tests, provides a deep dive into abstract math concepts from the GMAT's point of view. Students learn advanced methods that go far beyond limiting techniques such as elimination or plugging in numbers to pick answers.

So, for the most dedicated of MBA and MPA hopefuls, being home for the holidays will mean several days deep in GMAT preparation with an Austin GMAT Review professor. The best present of all? Acceptance by a leading business school, and a happy New Year.

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