Black Rose Writing Presents Beta: The Scorpion and The Bull by Wallace/Anderson

Black Rose Writing is proud to announce that it has acquired the publishing rights to Beta: The Scorpion & The Bull by Phillip Wallace and Tyler Anderson. “Almost dying may be part of the job but it’s not something I want to make into a habit,” Dash interjected after Johnny’s chuckle. “And wipe that stupid smirk off your face.”

Jamestown, ND, December 15, 2011 --( Two men forced into a life neither of them wanted: Johnny Morals - a kid raised by his Uncle, an Irish mobster, and Dash McBragg - a high school top dog and ladies' man. They form an unbreakable friendship through their struggles with the Takahara Corporation. What does Takahara Corporation really want with Johnny and Dash? Who will end up paying the price for their lives.”

Phil has been a storyteller all of his life. He was inspired by his father who has been a dungeon master longer than Phil has been alive. Telling stories just runs in the family. Phillip has a wife, Dana, and a daughter, Parker, who he shares the story of his life and love with.

Tyler is an avid reader and gamer and draws inspiration for his works from the many sci-fi and fantasy authors past and present. As of this writing, he finds himself in the lonely hinterlands of Afghanistan. He also has a wife, April, and a son, Jacob to which he owes much for their patience, love, and understanding.

Now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from and many other online bookstores. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue, Books in Print, Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-063-0.

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