5 Ways to Use a LoopRope™ in the Camping World

Camping World retail giant signs distribution agreement with Oregon inventor, LoopRope™, for their "Tie-downs Made Easy" product.

Medford, OR, December 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- LoopRope™, a revolutionary fastening system out of Oregon, is adding a new retail client to their growing list. Kentucky-based outdoor chain Camping World is putting colorful LoopRope™s on the shelves of their 83 stores this month, joining Cabela’s, and Wal-Mart in carrying the product.

“We are very excited to be a part of Camping World’s outdoor supply inventory,” says Jeff Dahl, LoopRope™ inventor. “LoopRope™ is a versatile product that meets many outdoor needs, and we think it’ll be a fantastic addition.”

Here are just five of the ways to use the brand-new LoopRope™ while camping:

1. Secure transportation: Tie down coolers, tent, canopy, camping stove, and folding chairs in the back of your RV, truck or SUV or on the top of luggage racks.

2. Cover: Putting up tents and tarps when you reach the campsite can be tricky depending on the surroundings: trees, rocks, cliffs, or snow. Since a LoopRope™ is fully adjustable and can be stretched to different lengths; it can be used to secure tent poles or canopies in a number of different situations.

3. Hanging: Loop the ends of the LoopRope™ securely around two tree trunks or poles and use it as a clothesline to dry wet clothes or hang gear.

4. Bundling: Whether you’re bringing your own or collecting wood and kindling at your campsite, LoopRope™’s bungee-like shock cord makes it the perfect device for bundling wood together for your campfire.

5. Hiking: Strap a jacket, bug spray, waterproof cover, snacks, and a first aid kit for blisters to the outside of a pack for easy access during a hike. The possibilities are endless.

LoopRope™ was invented in 2009 through trial and error after Dahl became frustrated with tightly knotted ropes and flimsy bungee cords during a trip to the dump. It has enjoyed increasing popularity with retailers in America, Ireland, Australia, and Japan.

About LoopRope™

The LoopRope™ is made of one continuous piece of shock cord fastened together to create permanent loops. LoopRope™ comes in 3, 4, and 5-foot lengths. Each LoopRope™ comes with two dual-sided, stainless steel carabiners (LoopClip). One 5-foot LoopRope™ gives you 10 custom tie-down lengths and over 18 attachment points. Use it everywhere; it’s secure, fast and easy. Users are discovering many different ways to secure items: check out video examples on the website. www[dot]LoopRope™[dot]com LoopRope™: tie downs made easy!

Jeff Dahl