Automatic Active RFID Asset Tracking Solution with Alert Function

Guangzhou, China, December 16, 2011 --( DAILY RFID has newly designed an excellent active RFID asset tracking solution to automate real-time asset management system analysis and alert. The components of this active RFID asset tracking solution include a 2.4 RFID active reader, application software, 2.4GHz RFID active tags, and full SDK document and demo software for the reader.

Different from those stand-alone mode readers, this active RFID asset tracking solution combines Web network to give the following characteristics and advantages:

To begin with, this active RFID asset tracking solution can provide real-time map view for easy and secure asset monitoring, thus no longer having to travel to the site. Through the software interface, the user is able to create a map for the site and monitor the events happening at different tracking points on the desktop in real time. Normal events and alert events are shown in different colors to catch users' attention.

Secondly, for more security, an alert message is shown to the user and an alarm sound is played when an alert condition is met. In the solution, assets can be divided into groups. The solution administrator provides the capability to set up alert conditions for each group so that when certain assets pass through certain checking points a corresponding alert device is activated and e-mail or text message warnings are sent to responsible staff members.

This active RFID asset tracking solution is the most advanced of its kind for tracking and monitoring assets in real-time, especially for high value asset.

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