Leading Civil Servants Shown Quicker and More Cost Effective Way of Transforming Public Services

Adaptation chairman outlines new route to working with existing people and resources to simultaneously deliver multiple benefits to users and providers to public sector leaders

Peterborough, United Kingdom, December 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Public services can be quickly transformed by working with existing people and resources according to Adaptation chairman Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas. Speaking to senior civil servants at the Dubai Leadership Masterclass for Public Executives he outlined a cost effective route to simultaneously delivering multiple objectives from cutting costs, raising performance and more quickly delivering personalised services to making it easier and less stressful for public sector staff to perform difficult front line jobs.

According to Coulson-Thomas, “The public will see and feel the difference. In addition to providing them with quicker, better quality and more relevant services it is increasingly possible to help them to help themselves. Rather than the best being available to the lucky few there are now cost-effective ways of ensuring all users experience the highest standards.”

The key to the proven success of the recommended approach is the variability of both performance and understanding within communities of public sector staff, and the potential for enabling average performers to emulate what their superstar colleagues do differently. Coulson-Thomas believes, “There is a faster, more focused and affordable route to a high performance organisation that remains current and achieves multiple goals. In place of general, inflexible, expensive, multi-year and disruptive restructuring and transformation programmes, important workgroups can be provided with the performance support they need to excel, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, wherever and whenever required.”

“Applications of the approach can be delivered in a few months,” according to Coulson-Thomas, “and they can be self-funding as a result of the deliverable benefits and very high returns on investment that can be secured. Much of the stress can be taken out of demanding front line jobs and compliance ensured and evidenced. Both people and organisations can benefit.”

The Adaptation chairman considers the public sector ripe for the approach he advocates in a forthcoming report on future directions for talent management. “Much of what is done in the public sector is rule and/or legislation based, and these may change as Ministers and Governments come and go, conditions alter, expectations rise and budgets are constrained. He believes the emphasis of talent management strategies need to shift from high fliers who are costly to recruit and retain to working with existing talent and helping the many to excel. In demanding times we need to work with the people and resources we have and deliver more with less.”

Coulson-Thomas outlined applications of the approach set out in his forthcoming report in regulated sectors such as the utilities and healthcare that have quickly delivered multiple benefits for both users and service providers. “Citizens can also be enabled to better understand their requirements and needs, and helped to take more informed and responsible decisions. In relation to healthcare and sustainability, patients, public, providers and the planet can all benefit.”

The Dubai Leadership Masterclass for Public Executives is designed for leaders such as permanent secretaries and heads of departments. The programme included a study visit to Abu Dhabi. Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas is no stranger to the gulf region, having been a visiting professor in Dubai, and having undertaken assignments in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai and Kuwait. He is the author of over 40 books and reports and has spoken at over 200 national and international events in over 40 countries. His recent publications and forthcoming report on talent management can be obtained from www.policypublications.com and he can be contacted via www.adaptation.ltd.uk. Adaptation helps people and organisations to adapt to change.

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