PatientClick EHR Selected for Arizona REC Vendor Alliance Program

The Arizona REC, one of 62 RECs scattered across the country, has recently selected PatientClick EHR, as part of their Vendor Alliance Program. It is part of overall efforts to help eligible healthcare providers achieve meaningful use.

Phoenix, AZ, December 16, 2011 --( The health care industry is moving into the future and physicians and patients will both benefit by the advancement of technology in this critical field. At the forefront of this technological advancement is PatientClick EHR. PatientClick, a Cleveland-based company, with offices in San Diego, is a leader in the push for innovative medical solutions for physicians and health care providers seeking to comply with the HITECH Act.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), authorized a Health Information Technology Extension Program. This program, consisting of a national Health Information Technology Center (HITRC) and Regional Extension Centers (RECs), seeks to improve the accuracy and speed in which health care is delivered to patients through investment in health care technology.

The HITECH Act mandates that health care providers transition from paper to electronic medical records by 2015. Physicians and health care providers are searching for solutions that offer easy implementation, access, navigation, and integration. The RECs have been set up to provide support and assistance to primary care doctors and clinicians in adopting and utilizing EHRs (Electronic Health Records).

The Arizona REC, one of 62 RECs scattered across the country, has recently selected PatientClick EHR, as part of their Vendor Alliance Program. It is part of overall efforts to help eligible healthcare providers achieve meaningful use of certified EHRs. PatientClick EHR offers a convenient, web based EHR (Electronic Health Record) system perfect for health care providers who are desperately seeking a solution that allows them to comply with the HITECH Act. PatientClick provides health care professionals with a SaaS (software as a service) Internet-based application that is adaptable for both large and small offices.

EHR technology can save the average medical office 10-15 hours per month in data entry, data error correction, and patient follow-up. EHRs reduce wait times, are less prone to data loss, reduce the risk of incorrect medication or dosage, and can easily send patient information to other clinicians. By using PatientClick’s EHR system, doctors and health care professionals will have more time to spend with their patients and will also be able to see more patients each day. Everyone wins - doctors can expand their practices while patients receive more quality time from their health care provider.

Though EHR technology can save time and improve care, there has been resistance to its implementation and use. In January 2009, research done by the Commonwealth Fund, found that only 28% of U.S. physicians utilized EHRs, compared to 89% in the United Kingdom, and 98% in the Netherlands. Resistance to the implementation and use of EHR technology can be attributed to doctors & staff not wanting to spend more time on computer. Some of this resistance may also exist because the process of selecting which EHR to use can be overwhelming.

PatientClick’s SaaS application eliminates the stress of the selection process, the time-consuming set up, and the costly integration process. It is the perfect choice for providers worried about compliance with the HITECH Act. It is an easy to use, web-based technology for health care offices of all sizes. The new technology solution by PatientClick EHR is designed to shorten the learning curve for physicians.

The implementation of EHR technology will improve clinical workflows, speed up the process of data analysis, and allow health care providers to offer better overall patient care. PatientClick, one the recognized leaders of this paperless revolution in the health care industry offers their “SaaS” application as a trusted solution for health care providers seeking to comply with the HITECH Act and move their office into the future.

About PatientClick:

PatientClick (, based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in San Diego, Calif., offers innovative online electronic health record management solutions designed and built specifically for physicians and small medical clinics. The service provides all in one EHR solution including ePrescription and clearing house, with no costly hardware to install and with a minimal amount of time required to get up and running. PatientClick’s services are scalable, so they can fit a physician’s practice large or small. The specialty-specific EHR software service covers more than 30 medical specialties, and can be customized to fit individual needs and workflow of any physician offices. For more information, visit PatientClick on the web at, or call 1-877-901-9990.

About Arizona REC:

The Arizona REC is a collaborative program of Arizona Health-e Connection, Health Services Advisory Group and Arizona State University’s Department of Biomedical Informatics. For more details log on to

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