Is Your Brand in Trouble? A Simple Test May Provide Clues

Toyota sold more than GM in the first quarter of 2007. If you want to stay in front of the pack you've got to understand where you're vulnerable before you can create a plan to stay ahead of the competition.

Linwood, NJ, May 04, 2007 --( It’s no secret that American auto makers have been in trouble for years. Yet the recent news that Toyota sold more cars in the first quarter of 2007 appears to still have surprised General Motors.

Guy Richards, Chief Branding Officer at Abiah, LLC a brand strategy and full service marketing firm in Linwood, could have helped the executives at GM realize their brand was on a severe decline and headed for trouble. The simple, 18 question test he and his team have developed can give any organization a snapshot of the direction it’s headed.

The Brand Alignment Test contains three to four questions in six categories that Richards and company believes are critical to a strong brand and strong company. “Just like having your back out of alignment will negatively impact your overall health, the same is true for any one of the six core brand components,” said Richards. “That’s why branding isn’t a one time program or process a company goes through. It’s an ongoing way of leading and managing,” Richards stated. Abiah believes an aligned brand is necessary for business success no matter what the size of the company.

If you’d like to discover if your brand is in or out of alignment and what you can do to get it headed in the right direction, visit and invest 5 minutes to take the test and get a free guide to strengthening your brand.

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